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Friday, September 9, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploded and Burnt Jeep

If you are the owner of a Galaxy Note 7, It is now your best chance to take the advantage of Samsung's exchange or refund policy related to the device, because care is always better than cure. Nobody wants to get hurt or or even put his own or appliance's security at stake for a love of device. Yes, the Galaxy Note 7 has become a 'life threat' for its users. Complaints against the device were started out when initially two incidents took place, but this has been turned out to be worldwide recall with yet another Note 7 spontaneously exploding in to flames whilst on charge. There has been many cases reported of the explosion of the device while on charge. California man left his device in car for charging and went out to pick his child from school when he came back he saw his house engulfed un flames and fire fighter services were already busy to tackle the blaze. In another separate case jeep was burnt when his owner connected the Galaxy Note 7 on charge in the vehicle that exploded.

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