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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Donald Trump Knows How To Be In The Media Though May Or May Not Be In A positive Way

The front runner candidate of Republican party Donald Trump knows to be in the media, however, whenever it seems that he would lose his position in gossip mongering, he reappears in more forceful way. Recently, he is back with more controversies, grabbing the attention of the public, but altogether not in a positive way. These past two day he has made it to the headlines by these controversies. Donald thrives on chaos and above all else demands attention. Whwn the spotlight falls elsewhere such as on Democrats this week in Philadelphia,he looks to shift back to his direction. He is a candidate who uses disruption as a strategic force. Trump veered into controversy at a Wednesday morning news conference in Florida. He suggested that Russians should hack into Clinton's private emails if they have not already and release publicly those that she deleted before turning the server over to federal government. No one could remember a serious candidate for president seeming to urge a foreign power to carry out espionage on the United States and at the same time call on that country to intrude on a presidential election and possibly influence the outcome. It is another example of Trump doing and saying the unthinkable and daring the Democrats and his opponents to cost him politically.

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