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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How The Kardashians Fooled America--Lid Is Off The TV's Fakest Family's Rise To Fame

Kris Jenner was devious from the start. She split from eldest four children's father Robert Kardashian in 1990-after she was caught having affair with much younger soccer player Todd Waterman. She said they kissed for the first time in hall closet of her friend's house and had s*x for the first time in the closet and according to her it was magical.
Kim may claim, she has always been abmbitious, but in reality as a teen, she wanted to be housewife and a mother. Kourtney was a little brighter than Kim. Kim was always interested in rich and the famous.
Her first boyfriend just at the age of 13 years was Michael Jackson's nephew TJ.
Lucky Kim! due to her new connections, the reality star's 14 birthday was held at Jackson's Neverland Ranch in 1994. Though she was growing up as privileged youngster in Beverly Hills, this was something totally different and entirely thrilling.
Moving too fast, T.J. even moved in with Kim in Kris and Bruce Jenner's home. At just 14, Kim told Kris she was ready to have s*x for the first time.
Too much too soon! at the age of 13 years, Kim started getting bikini waxes, and started dieting, trying Atkins, South Beach and cabbage soup.
Kris supported her daughter's desire to have s*x and even put her on birth control pills.
For her first job, Kim started working as shop assistant in a boutique shop called Body.

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