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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Real Face Of India Through Social Media

Twitter users burst on Indian government led by Nrindra Modi through Twitter. This is second trend in couple of days in which Pakistanis humilates Indians. Pakistanis showed the real face of India. Another Tweet describes the killing of Dalits who were mowed down by a tractor and officially called group clash.
Dalits are routinely run over by Hindus (majority) as no one cares about them in the so called "biggest biggest" democracy.
India accounts one third of its population as above picture of hungry children shows.
As above picture shows Pak Army is nt only loved by Pakistanis but is loved by the people of other countries because their services for humaninity are matcheless. They serve the war and hunger strickencountries of Africa. The dirty Hindus drink donkey milk as their former prime minister Desai used to drink his own urine early in the morning in breakfast as shown in the the following image.
For the last several years India has been allegating Pakistan from Mumbai attacks to shooting on LoC but no proofs could be given /presented to the world. India is the biggest lier in the world.

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