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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Is Mullah Umar, The Supreme Command of Taliban Dead ?

The White House has said that death reports of Taliban leader Mulla umar "are credible". But the spokesperson said the intelligence community is looking at the reports and continues at the circumstances around around his death. However, the spokesperson of Afghanistan's intelligence Agency Haseeb Siddiqui said Mulla Umar dies two years earlier in Karachi's hospital during April 2013 under mysterious circumstances. However,American Media House Voice of America (VoA) totally denied the death of Mullah Umar saying he is alive. After the news published on BBC Afghan Taliban also announced the death of their leader. Pakistan media also announced the news of his death. Afghan government has also confirmed the death of Mulla Umar. Mulla Umar was the supreme commander of Taliban and now the his life chapter is closed when Taliban announced his death. Full name of Mullah Umar is Muhammad Umar Mujahid. He was born in Kandhar province of Afghanistan in 1992. Mullah Umar was the 11th head of state under the official title of ' head of the supreme council' from 1996 to 2001. He held the title of "Commander of Faithfuls" (Ameer ul Mominine)". of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Islamic Emirate was the state established by Taliban in 1996. Mullah Umar was the top most wanted person by the United States Department's Rewards for Justice programe since 2001. US set USD 10 million bounty on Mulla Umar and declared him most wanted person for sheltering Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leadders before 9/11 attacks. Mullah Umar was very tall arounf 6 ft 6 in ans was very shy shy and non-talkative to foreigners. However, he was the person from whom th US feared and he was the symbol of fear for the USA.

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