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Monday, July 27, 2015

Narendra Modi Is The Most Stupid Prime Minister---- Google

The World's most largest search engine 'Google' has said that Narendra Modi is the on the top of the list of most stupid prime ministers. Google has still used light word for Modi's stupidity. He is one of the mad and senseless prime ministers of the world. But, Google did not list Nawaz Sharif, how much he has sympathy with Pakistanis?. Most stupid prime ministers of the world list comprises of British prime minister David Cameron, Australian prime minister Tonny Abbott, Canadian PM Stephen Harpar and Thailand's former prime minister Lingluck Shinawatra. After this search results on social media, the people of India have bashed the managent of Google and have asked for apology, while people of Pakistan enjoyed image results and called it the fact of the century. Earlier, Google results for top ten criminals of the world also displayed Modi's pictures along with others who India calls criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and Al Capone. How long Indians will deny the facts that are noticed by the world but not by mentally blind Indians.

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