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Friday, July 24, 2015

MQM Offices Opened After Brief Shut Down-2

It seems like Altaf Hussain's senses are not working due to high blood pressure, anger and disappointment, because every time he changes his orders. After talking harsh language against pak army,security forces and present rulers, but not a single word abuut Scotland Yard or London Metropolitan Police, who are investigating against him and near to put him under arrest. Recently upset with with the behaviour of his party leaders over glitches in organisational matters Alataf Hussain on Wednesday ordered to shut down all offices, but he withdrew his orders few hours later. Most of the anger of Altaf Hussain was directed at the Rabta Committee for not working effectively and did not respond to the present situation faced by the party. Altaf was also angry because of the date in an event the party was supposed to hold. His anger was also directed against members of Rabita Committe who were not present in Nine Zero and did not listen to his address.

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