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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pakistanis Show Support For Zaid Hamid On Social Media


People of Pakistan showed support for Zaid Hamid and posted message in favour of Zaid and Pak Army in top twitter trend. People of Pakistan, specially youth showed support for Zaid HAMID JUST AFTER A DAY NEWS CAME FROM sAUDI aRABIA THAT zAID WAS BEING LASHED IN PRISON. Hamid was detained while on a private visit to Kingdom with his wife. He was arrested for a speech against Saudi government and the Arabs in a public gathering. Zaid Hamid previously known as alleged supporter and benefactor of Yousuf Kazzab from Lahore who claimed to be prophet (Naozu billah). He was sentenced to death by a lower court and was murdered in jail by a man named Tariq.

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