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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Disabled Girl Flies Plane With Feet

A 32 year old woman Jessica Cox was born without arms as a result of rare birth defect.This has not proven a disability for this inspirational and self-motivated woman who has adapted to life by using her feet. The psychology graduate can write, type, drive a car,brush her hair and talk on her phone by simply using her feet. She also became the first armless black belt in the American Tae Kwon Do Association. By defying all odds, five years ago she became the first woman to fly plane with her feet. She recalls as a child Jessica always wanted to fly over the playground like a Superwoman, because she was so angry about how limited she was. The only thing she was afraid of was flying. But few years ago she given the chance to overcome her fear. She learned to fly in rudderless light Ercoupe aircraft, where one needs only hands to control it rather than both hands and feet. It took her three hard years to complete the traing, but but she sais it was the most fantastic feeling in the world. Now, Jessica travels around the world as motivational speaker with her own life as an example of what one can achieve if he/she wants to do so.

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