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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Government Websites in Pakistan Have Been Attacked

Nearly all the Government Websites in Pakistan have been attacked.But, it is said that hackers failed to hack and lock the sites.It is reported that these websites have been attacked by an Organization in India called Indian Cyber Army. In Pakistan officials, officers, leaders and rulers all are busy in activities other than mandatory. They do not care what happens to the nation or country. Specially in Government department no body cares for his duty. Those who are responsible for maintaining websites in sensitive and important departments seldom update web sites and most of the time, the names of those officials who are retired or no more in this world, are given. In the website of the parliament,names of the Misters who have resigned are being displayed longer and names of new minsters, are missing. But , they have no "fault" too, because in Pakistan there are so many Ministers, Advisers, Ministers for State, and it is really "difficult" to display name of each and every one. Next day other minster will take oath any other may resign so a long list is impossible to update daily.
It is good that one Institution, the Pakistan Army in Pakistan is alert all the time, otherwise rulers are either sleeping or busy in collecting money. We have enemies all around, but our leaders do not care.

USA And Israel Have Been After Pakistan's Nuclear Assets For Years

The United States has led top secret efforts for years to remove highly enriched uranium from Pakistan. It worries USA that it can be used to make an illicit nuclear device, according to leaked US cables.
The New York Times said the documents, part of quarter of a million confidential American diplomatic cables released Wikileaks, showed that the effort had so far proved unsuccessful.
Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is one of the most sensitive topics for the United States as it tries to improve relations with its frontline ally in the campaign against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Militants embarked on a nationwide bombing campaign across Pakistan in 2007, the same year, the secret efforts began.
In May 2009, it was quoted by the then US ambassador Anne Patterson as saying that Pakistan was refusing to schedule a visit by American technical experts.
The Times attributed the reason to a nameless Pakistani official who said: "If the local media got word of the fuel removal, 'they certainly would portray it as the United States taking Pakistan's nuclear weapons'".
Islamabad has been adamant that its nuclear weapons are in safe hands and US President Barack Obama has publicly concurred.

WikiLeaks Opens More Secrets About Pakistan

WikiLeaks diplomatic cables have revealed that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi had described President Asif Ali Zardari as ‘dirty’ but ‘not dangerous’ and Nawaz Sharif as ‘dangerous’ but ‘not dirty’.
Pakistan’s Foreign Office Monday condemned the "irresponsible disclosure of sensitive official documents" and denied that the reactor produces highly enriched uranium, but said the US suggestion to have fuel transferred was "plainly refused".
"Pakistan is an advanced nuclear technology state. No one can touch Pakistan's nuclear facilities and assets," said the foreign ministry.
"Reports concerning Pakistan's experimental nuclear reactor acknowledge that Pakistan did not allow any transfer of the fuel from the experimental reactor."
The ministry said the reactor was installed in the mid-1960s with support from the United States, which also initially provided the fuel.
"The suggestion that the reactor is producing HEU (highly enriched uranium) is completely incorrect," it said.
Pakistan also rejected scathing comments attributed to King Abdullah calling President Asif Ali Zardari the greatest obstacle to progress in Pakistan.
"When the head is rotten it affects the whole body," King Abdullah was quoted as saying by the New York Times.
President Zardari’s spokesman on Monday dismissed the reported insult from one of Pakistan's closest allies, saying Zardari considers King Abdullah "his elder brother". "The so-called leaks are no more than an attempt to create misperceptions between two important and brotherly Muslim countries," said Farhatullah Babar.
The country's nuclear arsenal is one of the most sensitive topics for the United States as it tries to improve relations with the conservative Muslim nation on the front line in the campaign against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Parts of Pakistan's northwest is gripped by a homegrown Taliban insurgency. Its semi-autonomous wild border area with Afghanistan is subject to a covert US drone war targeting Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders.
Islamist militants embarked on a nationwide bombing campaign in 2007, the same year that the Times said the US began attempts to safeguard Pakistan's enriched uranium. A quarter of a million confidential American diplomatic cables are being released by whistleblower WikiLeaks from Monday.
The New York Times, Britain's the Guardian, Germany's Der Spiegel, France's Le Monde and Spain's El Pais has published a first batch of the documents.
The Times quoted then US ambassador Anne Patterson as saying in May 2009 that Pakistan was refusing to schedule a visit by American technical experts.
A Pakistani official, who declined to be named, said: "If the local media got word of the fuel removal, they certainly would portray it as the United States taking Pakistan's nuclear weapons".
Islamabad has been adamant that its nuclear weapons are in safe hands and US President Barack Obama has publicly agreed.
Pakistan announced that it had nuclear weapons in 1998, scrambling to secure the technology after India's first nuclear test in 1974. Experts now estimate that Pakistan has up to 100 nuclear weapons.
The United States has longstanding concerns about proliferation from Pakistan and is reported to have set up an elite squad that could fly into the country and attempt to secure its weapons should the government disintegrate.
In 2004, Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan's bomb, confessed to running a nuclear black market that sent secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. He was put under house arrest for five years.
Although he retracted his remarks, US officials say he is still a risk. Pakistan also opposes a proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty, which would limit access to highly enriched uranium and plutonium used to make weapons.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffee Activates Memory

A cup of coffee activates attentiveness and memory if it is taken with sugar.
University of Barcelona scientists found that taking caffeine and sugar together boosts the brain’s performance - more than taking them separately.
Researchers now believe each one boosts the effect of the other on brain functions such as attention span and working memory.
The findings come from brain scans carried out on 40 volunteers who were tested after they had coffee with sugar, coffee without sugar, sugar on its own or just plain water, according to the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. “The two substances improve cognitive performance by increasing the efficiency of the two areas of the brain responsible for sustained attention and working memory,” said Josep Serra Grabulosa of University of Barcelona who conducted the study.
It is well known that caffeine is a stimulant which works on the brain and can combat drowsiness and fatigue.
Previous studies have even suggested that three cups of coffee a day can significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, possibly by triggering a chain reaction in the brain that prevents the damage done by the disease.

WikiLeaks scramles USA and Many other Countries

WikiLeaks on Sunday unleashed a torrent of US cables detailing a wide array of potentially explosive diplomatic episodes, from a tense nuclear standoff with Pakistan to Saudi Arabia's king repeatedly suggesting bombing Iran.
The cables describe the bazaar-like bargaining over the repatriation of Guantanamo Bay detainees, a Chinese government bid to hack into Google, and quote Saudi King Abdullah as saying the United States should strike Iran to halt its nuclear program, telling it to "cut off the head of the snake."
They also detail plans to reunite the Korean peninsula after the North's eventual collapse.
The cables also detail fresh suspicions about Afghan corruption, Saudi donors financing Al-Qaeda, and the US failure to prevent Syria from providing a massive stockpile of weapons to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia since 2006.
They include closed-door remarks that could stoke scandal, including Yemen's president telling a top US general: "We'll continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours" when discussing secretive US strikes on Al-Qaeda in his country, and a description of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi as always being attended by a "voluptuous blonde" Ukrainian nurse.
Most of the 251,287 cables -- many of which are marked "classified" but none "top secret" -- date back to 2007, but the release also includes cables going back as far as 1966, The New York Times said.
The whistle-blower website's chief Julian Assange had earlier described the release as a "diplomatic history of the United States" that would cover "every major issue" as governments braced for damaging revelations.
"We can see already in the past week or so that the United States has made movements to try to disarm the effect that this could have," he said.

Wiki Leaks Uploads Secret Documents

Documents released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks on Sunday shows that US diplomats describe German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle as arrogant, vain and critical of America.
The reports were part of a bundle of over 250,000 US State Department documents obtained by WikiLeaks and distributed to media in the United States and Europe, and which have revealed sensitive information and candid views of foreign leaders.
The documents, published in Germany by news weekly Der Spiegel, included 1,719 diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in Berlin -- which showed diplomats giving frank assessments of high-ranking politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel.The report said,"She avoids risk and is seldom creative," one US diplomat cited by Der Spiegel wrote of the Chancellor, who was referred to as 'Teflon Merkel' in some reports. Reprt added "The Americans consider the chancellor to view international diplomacy above all from the perspective of how she can profit from it domestically," the Spiegel. While the reports are candid towards Merkel, they underline overwhelmingly how US diplomats find it easier to work with her than with Westerwelle, who received the harshest criticism.
He is described as having an "exuberant personality" that sometimes leads to conflict with Merkel, but little foreign policy experience and an ambivalent view towards the US. "There was a consensus among desk officers -- driven, perhaps, by political bias -- that Westerwelle was arrogant and too fixated on maintaining his 'cult of personality'," said a report written before Westerwelle became foreign minister.
It is said that reports leaked by WikiLeaks also opens some secrets about the Presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia. USA was too worried about the leakage of the documents, and the web site owner feared that the site was under cyber attack, but afterall the documents were released by whistle-blowers, who have leaked already many secret documents.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Health Benefits from Fish May Be Lost Due to Mercury Exposure

A new study shows that people who eat lots of fish may lose whatever heart benefits they might have gained because of an increased exposure to mercury.
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish is thought to rank high on the list of heart-healthy foods. But it has a potential dark side: many fish species that wind up on the plate have high levels of mercury, a known neurotoxin.
The scientists studied more than 900 Swedish men and women who answered questionnaires about the amount of fish in their diet. The researchers also analyzed the subjects' red blood cells for levels of mercury and selenium, another element that has been tied to heart health.
Mercury levels in the subjects were generally low by Scandinavian standards, the Swedish team found, but higher than much of the U.S. population. But people whose red blood cells showed elevated amounts of mercury did not have a higher risk of cardiac problems than those whose red cells had less of the toxin.
In other words, "the protective nutrients in fish override any harmful effect of mercury at these low levels of mercury," says Maria Wennberg, a public health researcher at Ume University and a member of the study team.
The American Heart Association recommends that people consume at least two servings of fish a week. Salmon, mackerel and albacore tuna are particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids.
One expert questioned the findings, which appear in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Dr. David O. Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, in Rensselaer, New York, said the Swedish researchers assumed that the mercury in the subjects' blood cells came from fish.
"That's just not a legitimate conclusion," said Carpenter, who noted that many other sources of environmental mercury, including coal-fired power plants and dental fillings, might account for the presence of the element.
What's more, he said, fish in the Baltic Sea, which borders Sweden, are high in other toxic compounds such as PCBs, which complicates the picture.
"The fact that you don't have a significant effect (on heart risks) with measured levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and no effect of fish consumption, says to me that this study is totally inconclusive," Carpenter said.
The researchers did not call their study the last word on the subject. Although they found no association between the amount of fish the study subjects reported eating every month -- or their blood levels of two omega-3 fatty acids -- and their risk of heart disease or stroke, that likely reflects the drawbacks of relying on subjects' memory rather than a real effect, they said.
Wennberg cautioned that her study "does not discard the need of restrictions in consumption of fish high in mercury" -- species including predators such as perch, shark, swordfish and halibut.
The FDA, for example, advises women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant to avoid eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish because of their high mercury content. The agency says these women can safely eat one meal a week of albacore tuna, which has more mercury than other types of tuna.
The study did raise one potential red flag: people whose red blood cells had elevated traces of selenium appeared to be at increased risk of sudden cardiac death. The number of such cases was small, however, so the researchers called for more investigation into the possible link.

Spanish Woman is the Owner of Sun?

The poor and billion years old Sun has been with out an owner till now, after a long restless wait the Sun finally has got an owner, who can take care of her property.A woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said last week that she had registered the star at a local notary public as being her property.
Angeles Duran, 49, told a newspaper that she took the step in September after reading about an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our Solar System.
She said, " there is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals, there was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law. I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first."
The document issued by the notary public declares Duran to be the "owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149,600,000 kilometres".
Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent to the nation's pension fund.
She would dedicate another 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger -- and would keep the remaining 10 percent herself.
"It is time to start doing things the right way, if there is an idea for how to generate income and improve the economy and people's well-being, why not do it?" she asked.
One wonders, Why USA did not register the "Earth' to be the owner of it . While, unofficially it is the Master of it and has proved many times to be the real owner. If USA has not registered the earth up till now, she must do it as soon as as possible , otherwise Duran may get it registered then where the "Poor" USA will stand. She can promulgate heavy and new taxes on USA. Pakistan will not be affected much from these taxes as Pakistanis are already half dead due to the heavy burden of taxes by own government, the IMF and the World Bank. So Rush and be Smart America to register the Earth.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Secret Papers About Pakistan May Be Leaked Soon

Some 94 secret documents about Pakistan are to be posted on Wiki Leaks Website by this Weekend. These secret papers would mainly be mainly be containing telegrams sent by the US Embassy in Islamabad to the State Department in Washington.
Most of these papers relate to US observations about Pakistan’s policy towards Afghanistan, the present situation within Pakistan on the war against terrorism, Islamabad’s cooperation with Washington and other military and intelligence matters. Some documents also contain US
reservations about Pakistan’s nuclear program. The changes in the US communication system allowed an anti-war activist access to more than 400,000 secret documents who handed them over to the website. Us official has warned that Afghanistan, China, Russia, Central Asian Republics, Canada, Britain, France, Turkey and Nato will all be affected by this unprecedented leak. The leading US newspapers are expected to publish some details from the leaked papers on Sunday.

Difference Between The Pakistani Richest and Those of USA's

Why should not be the USA , a Super Power that dictates the world, Why Muslim Kashmiris and Paletinians may not be crushed by India and Israel, respectively. Because Muslim world has no unity, if one Muslim country is attacked by USA, others beg to spare his territory, and provides all the logistic facilities to the attacker to save his "rule" and Kingdom. So this will be the fate of Muslims all over the world and lucky fortune of the West. At least the people and specially the richest in other Muslim countries are loyal to their nations. While, unfortunately the ruling faction of Pakistan and those who are exploiting the poor people of Pakistan, collecting income and increasing bank balance in the country but living in London or USA, are neither sincere nor loyal to their motherland. If Pakistan collapses due to their bad deeds they will fly to their shelters in other countries and will returns when they will have the chance to rule.
Forty -five senators and 445 the richest Americans have come forward to strengthen their weaker national economy, and presented themselves to the state for imposing maximum taxes to pay. President Bush Junior during 2001 had increased the rate of taxes on the citizens whose income was more than a million $ annually; under a law. How much Americans are loyal sincere and patriotic to their nation. Our Wealthy people are avoiding taxes on the agricultural income and even do not pay taxes on their declared assets. They are all sitting in the parliament and will definitely impose taxes on poor whether it is RGST or any other tax. We curse USA all the time but how much is the difference between a Muslim State and a secular state. We will go down day by day and the nations of people loving their country will be more developed and prosperous. USA is really a Great Nation and so are the Americans.

President's Political Opponent Arrested

Khan Muhammad Dahri from Nawab Shah, has been arrested in Dubai after issuance of the red warrants by FIA. He contested election as an opponent of Faryal Talpur in 2005, and both the contestants obtained 328 votes, but Faryal Talpur won the seat through toss. The case was registered against Khan Muhammad during the election campaign for Nawab Shah Distrct Nazim seat. During the same election campaign , Sakrand Police involved him in a murder case , but afterward his name was excluded from the FIR. However, after the PPP government came into power, his name was again included in the FIR. So , he left the country. One of his relatives said that Khan Muhammad left the country because he was fearing to be killed. Some people say that Khan Muhammad is targeted due to being political opponent and his arrest is the political revenge. This is first case case in which a political person has been arrested through res warrants. It may not prove the poineer case of a long chain of arrests.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman: The Only Real Politician in Pakistani Politics-3

Maulana Fazal ur Rahman is so wise that he leaves for Umra or to any other foreign country, if there is any serious crisis going on in the country. He observes the situation from out side and when crisis gets subsidized, he comes to country and issues his diplomatic statement on the crisis. He is called Maulana Diesel, due to some allegations, but at least he is never involved in any corruption matter. Maulana has has more than 5 senses, he smells the political situation in the country more than any other politician. He realized and weighed his position in D I Khan's constituency during the last elections, because before the elections he was force to leave the Mosque in Di Khan , where he used to lead Eid Prayer, as the people chanted slogans against him. So he managed to contest election from Bannu district too along with D I Khan's seat.
I have no objection to his political policies nor I have the right to do so. The concern I have that he is of course a real and successful politician , but he is not a Maulana in real sense. He , being so knowledgeable an Islamic Scholar, why is he in dirty Pakistani politics?. He can never bring Islamic Law and Sharia in the country , because he is not sincerely struggling for that. He is against America, and other Western Countries, but his kids are studying in English Schools, he uses Mobile, travels in precious and expensive vehicles manufactured by western countries., takes western medicines when sick, though all these things are prepared and invented by "KAFIRS" ( non muslims). He is fond of protocol, police vans, and squad is ahead and after Maulana's Caravan. He likes pomp and show. He claims to bring Islam in the country and the reign of Caliphs. Did Caliphs declared them selves the best of all in the [public gatherings to be elected/selected to rule the people. Did they use government's or personal guards to protect them from death.? My complain is to you Maulana not to other politicians.. Be only Maulana or only Politician. I am your voter I have the right to say to you. You may say that life is Allah's property and to save it is our duty. But the example of Caliphs is before you.
The MNA elected from Dera Ismail Khan instead of you, is not doing something for the welfare of the common man in the constituency, you have the chance to win next elections. Do something for the poor people of Dera Ismail Khan.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pakistan Wins Asian Title in Hockey after 20 Years

It is a very happy news that both of our hockey teams man's and woman's got gold medals in hockey in Asian games. Now the hockey team has qualified for the 2012 London Olympics. In my opinion we are just wasting our valuable foreign exchange on useless game of cricket, we must promote hockey and the hockey players be given the status and protocol as is being provided to cricketers. Our hockey team has more talents than that of cricket. Cricket is the game of those nations who have been British colonies and we are embracing yet the traditions of our slavery days. Cricket that spreads on 8 hour is quite a waste of time. Game must be more than 60 minutes or 70 minutes. It saves a lot of youth who stick to tv till the end of match. In addition, corruption scandals are coming to light after each and every match. Match fixing is common. So ,only we have an international standard game is hockey.

The Most Intelligent Politician of Pakistan-2

Maulana Fazal ur Rahman inherited JUI, the party his Late Father Mufti Mamood was running. Though , during his life the party was divided into 3 factions, JUI(Hazarvi), JUI (S) and the third faction called JUI (F), which is the present party heade by Maulana. The two younger brothers of Maulana, Atta ur Rahman and Lutf ur Rahman are also actively taking part in politics and Maulana Atta ur Rahman was elected to MNA from Tank district , while , the yougest one Maulana Lutf ur Rahman is MPA from Paroa. The middle brother was also Minister for Tourism , but due to a writ the Tank re- election is to be held yet.
There are no allegations of corruption against Maulana , his brothers or any other member of his party. The big Maulana is more and pure politician rather than being a Maulana. I belong to his constituency , being the voter. At least Maulana is free of any illegal earnings> He depends upon his salary or emoluments from the Assembly budget. I never favor his politics, because what he speaks of, in the speeches , he would never fulfill the promises for the well being of his voters. Therefore, he could not get his seat from Dera Ismail Khan , but won MNA seat from Bannu. Faisal Karim Kundi defeated him in his parental constituency with a wide margin . But the people of D I Khan are fed up with Kundi. He did nothing for the people too. Maulana , being a religious leader is too proud, he shakes only fingers with his voters and common peole, standing upright with Tasbeeh in his left hand , extends fingers to the people. While , the islamicway is to shake both hands. He is greedy for money and power. He gets money from legal surces, of course not through illegal means. He used to be Chairman of Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs in the late Ba Nazir regime, when he used to go on tour to USA or other country he demanded TA and DA, of the status of PM and Head of State in foreign currency, in advance. At that time Ishaq Khan was the Minister for Finance, he once got dis mooded and asked the PM to hand over the keys of State Bank to Maulana, so that Maulana could get what does he want. Once Maulana left Hotel in Frankfurt with out being checked out and Ambassr to Germany had to pay the charges for his stay.
Now a days Maulana is the Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Affairs and has proceeded Tour to London. Though , Ansaar Burney has asked the British Government not allow Maulana.
Maulanas latest version of announcement on Reformed General Sales Tax is in Government favor , and he said if it does not burden the masses we will favor it. What a funny! tax is tax and RGST is on poor not the richest. Though Maulana's party has declared that we will not favor RGST , lately . But this is a special tactics of his party to get benefits.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Most Intelligent, The Most Ideal Politician For Pakistani "Peculiar" Politics-1

In Urdu, Maulana word is used for a person having been qualified from an Islamic School (Madrassa) holding degree/diploma in various fields of religion. Though common people in Pakistan call Maulana to every beaded one, but it is wrong. There, a Maulana is found in Pakistani politics, who is well-known nationally and internationally as a top most political leader of the country. The Maulana is Fazal ur Rahman, he is the elder son of late Maulana Mufti Mahmood, A kind, pious and practicing Muslim as well as popular leader of Pakistan's politics. He remained the Chief Minister of NWFP (KPK). He was the politician , who defeated Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in Dera Ismail khan Constituency in seventies general election, though he got success in all other 5 constituencies in Pakistan. Maulana Mufti's grand parents migrated from Afghanistan and settled in Amma Khel, village of Paniala, in Dera Ismail Khan District (KPK).
Maulana Fazal ur Rahman is the chief of Jamiat e Ulama e Islam (JUI). He is the general secretary of the party but controls the jamaat as this office is inherited to him from his late great father, like other politicians inherit the offices of their respective political parties ( a tradition in Pakistan). There have been two actual and the most intelligent politicians in Pakistan one was Late Ba Nazeer Bhutto and other is active, alive and smart Maulana. He is the only leader who is never out of the Government , he is always in and running his party intelligently and getting advantages in the tenure of every government,with a few members of his party in the parliament all the time. Therefore in my opinion he is most intelligent one of all.
(To Be Continued)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corruption Mafia Did Not Spare "Hajis"

The performance of haj once in life for those Muslims who can afford the fare and other expenditure is mandatory as an important "Rukan" of Islam. In Pakistan, majority of the poor people perform Haj, not the wealthier but some Maulanas ( Muslim Religious Leaders) make haj every year. If they could spend this money on any poor girl for her dowry how much they would have been rewarded in life (Allah Knows) hereafter. The poor deposit pennies and try to perform this sacred duty but every year the plane fare and other expenditures go up and they were deprived of the mission. Pakistan has no walk of life that can be termed as free of corruption and corrupt people. This year mismanagement along with providing expensive and far off residences to the pilgrimages made a hue and cry among the hajis. Twenty five thousand rupees were charged as bribery for allotting accommodations to them. There ware no facilities of water, baths and other necessities due which hajis felt difficulties. Other Muslim countries provide the best accommodations that are near the Baitullah ( Home of Allah) and other facilities to their pilgrimages. But Pakistanis are put in trouble every year and the magnitude of difficulties and trouble is increasing during every haj season. It is wondering that how a Muslim can think of corruption and collecting money just for personal benefits.
The Saudi Prince had already conveyed his reservations about these corruption scandals in a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The Federal Minister For Religious Affairs is blaming the Saudi Government for all these allegations, instead of acknowledging his ministry's mismanagement and corruption. Though Director General has been arrested but the case would be soon end with out any result as is always done in the country when some time passes and people will get busy in their hardest life in Pakistan and would forget about their troubles.
A PPP leader is asking Hamid Saeed Kazmi to resign, what an irony?, Is there any example in Pakistan of resignation of any Minister on corruption of his department No and Never.
Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia has also verified the mismanagement and Saudi Government has already ordered to pay 250 Riyals per head to 25000 Hajis. It means that Saudi Government does not want to see any pilgrimage in her country, in trouble. Therefore, Minister for Religious Affairs must stop blaming the Saudi Government, a friendly country of Pakistan. While every pakistani knows who is responsible for all these issues.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sugary Talks

The important thing for life is the "thinking". How is your life passing, it directly relates to your thinking. If your thinking is static then the result is that your life is static too. If your thinking revolves around yesterday then tomorrow has no value in your life. If your thinking feels to fear of every thing then your life is encircled by "fears" If your thinking thinks of making the better tomorrow then you have no room for pity things in life to waste your valuable time on. There are two ways to live life. First you must see the positive side of every thing, The second too is that you must see the positive version of life. If you do not do so, you are not living productive life but just living. This is because our half the glass is full. There are some people who do not decide themselves but the morning newspaper decides the important matters in their lives. If paper says the law and order situation in the city is bad , do not open your business or papers some day reports that USA has stopped our nation's aid therefore, petrol 's prices have gone up. So, every morning due to tv news or newspaper's news the changing fortune or to live positive lkife we have to think of glass that bis half full.
Every body knows that our body transforms the diet we take daily into glucose and what ever we eat whether these are vegetables, meat, or sweets, every diet will be changed into glucose. It is a fact that every diet contains minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids (protein). While most of the time in sweets nothing of this sort is found.So your system has to work hard to break sweets into glucose.Hundred grams sugar decreases the number white blood corpusclesfor 5 hours. This effect is expresses with in ten minutes of taking sweets. The white cells number that is decreased means that your immunity system has weakened for this time and you are susceptible to be infected if you get any wound. If take sweet and get out of home in cold weather you can be suffering from cold. The juice of fruits is effective and provides energy more if it is fresh. Same is true of honey, if it is processed at 80 Degrees Celsius then all the minerals are wasted only sugar is left behind. If you take sweets too much your pancreas have to work prolong for the creation of insulin, and due to high pressure on pancreas they may fail to create insulin

Friday, November 12, 2010

Terrorism Could Not be Finished Completely in Pakistan

The tragic incident of firing and the powerful explosion at CID building which rocked almost half of the metropolis also killed at least five personnel of Frontier Corps (FC), three were injured and one is still missing and other civilians were killed. Nearby houses collapsed and people were injured.
It was the biggest incident of terrorist attack in the history of Karachi.The CID building was targeted when unidentified miscreants traded gunfire with police and FC personnel outside building in the Civil Lines and subsequently set off an explosive-laden truck within the premises of building after breaking into defense line comprising of police and FC personnel.
At least 13 persons were killed and dozens more sustained injuries a Terrorists again detonated a full loaded truck
The Tehreek e Taliban has accepted the expressibility. It is clear that they are too cruel who kill innocent people. The terrorists attacking mosques and and other worshiping and public places and markets are not Muslims, but hired killers who are sponsored by Israel, India through Afghanistan. Non -Muslims do not respects the sacred places of Muslims they have only concern with the money. But, Taliban , who claim to be Pakistani Taliban, why they kill innocent Muslims. If they are fighting jehad as they say then against whom? Against Muslims and unarmed people. Do they know the philosophy of Jehad. If they are taking revenge of Drone Attacks in Tribal areas, but the common man is not responsible for those, they are strictly against drone attacks, of there too innocent Pakistanis are killed. But what is these fault of the people, who they kill. During te time of Caliphs, when Muslim Army had to leave for fighting against non muslims , Caliph himself used to see them off with the advice not to kill any innocent civilian, women , children, elders and those taking shelter in any worshiping place, including those of Christian's Churches, fight against those who are ready to fight with sword. Are Taliban doing that. They do not care for any human being but maximum number they need to be killed. Islam is being defamed with this.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

India And Bugladesh are Uprooting Corruption

India and BunglaDesh are quite behind Pakistan in corruption, still they want to be more clean to come on the list of clean countries. Indian Congress Party Leader Sonia Gandhi has culled out the Cheif Minister of Maharashtra, the important province of India, Mr Ashoke Chawan, on allegations about alloting flates to ho his friends and relatives, and the CM has resigned though he is clarifying his posion and denying the blames. But, the first reaction from the leadership was to resign and then get clear from the court. In India, Transport and Railway Ministrs resign , if any serious accident takes place on the roads or on the railway track. Once a rsailway accdent took place in Pakistan when Shaikh Rashid was the Minister of Railways, the journalist asked whether he will resign , he said I am not an engine driver that I should resign. In Israel, a simple police officer can call the Prime Minister to Police Station for recording his statement about some case, he attended the police station and got his statement recoded, and also extended his more ccoperation , if needed. In Pakistan, Supreme court can not summon a MNA or MPA , if calls they igrore and do not care to present themselves to the super court, what to speak of PM or President, they are totally exempted as pppp leasders say. BunglaDesh is similarly taking the steps to curb corruption. There, in no time they produced a Noble Laurate Dr Muhammad Younis. What the Pakistan is doing providing coverage to corrupt person, apponting them on higher and important posts, Like the peple involved in NIC and Flood Affectees Funds scandals. Pakistan' government concerned departments are threatening Trasnsparency Internation for reporting the truth and facts. But, what ever they do image of the country is going to be darker and negative message is delived to the world community.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unregistered Medical Practitioners in Pakistan

Federal Health Minister Makhdoom Shahabu Din told the National Assembly other day that there are 0.2 million unregistered medical practitioners in Pakistan. Though , he disclosed the figures but he did not tell the House that what measures are being taken against them.If the worthy Minister knows the number that would have definitely been collected quite long time ago , it is obvious that nothing has been done to curb this curse. The killing licenses are not only issued to non degree holder medical practitioners but to the drivers on roads who kill several and injure many per day. Most of them get driving licenses with out taking proper tests but only after presenting cash to the licensing authorities. In villages many Suzuki pick up drivers are young people who even do not bother to have driving license. What to speak of untrained medical practitioners , there are Fake degree holders advocates, medical doctors, and even fake degree holders are sitting in the assemblies. All these degrees are obtained by money. A few days back in a big city of the country, 200 lawers came to light who had no law degrees but were practicing in the courts since long. Similarly, in the same city in a government hospital two doctors who were brothers were arrested , having no medical degres but were employed in the hospital.They had been treating the patients and also carrying out surgical operations. What would have been the fate of their patients, one can imagine. This has been tradition now and no police warden can ask the children of VIP's about the documents of their vehicles, otherwise, the poor constable would be deprived of job. Other corruption though does not harm the lives of people , but doctors having no degrees or licenses kill many patients. We are Muslims but doing each and every act against the golden principles of Islam

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mobile Phone- A Necessity Rather Than A Luxury

Mobile phone has become a necessity of the day in every country whether it is poor or rich. In Pakistan, the phone set be seen in every body's hands and stuck to ears. They may be young ones, old people, girls or a cart man, rickshaw driver or taxi driver, mason or laborer. Of course, it helps to find passengers for taxi drivers or a mason can find his job called by the needy person having some construction work. One has not to sit in home and call through land -line but going to school or on work one can know about his relatives, friends or kids. It is no doubt now a necessary item and a lot of jobs can be done by using it.
In Pakistan the Telecom sector deposited Rs. 50 billion and 870 million in the government treasury as tax, last year.Thus helped the government a lot.
In the world population of 6 b and 877 m, 5 b SIMS( Subscriber identity module) are in use. Till the end of current fiscal year the number of SIMS in use would rise to 5 b 300 m, among these 3 b and 800 m SIMS will be used in the developing countries.Hongkong has a population of 7 m but the number of mobiles in use is 10.65 m, which is nearly 1.5 times higher than its population. The highest number of mobiles use in the world is in China where 0.833 b mobiles are used, in India the number is 0.676 b and on third number is USA where 0.2856 mobiles are in use. Pakistan has a population of 160 m while 100.95 m mobiles are in use that is 65.1 % of the population. Denmark, Russia, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Taiwan, Holland, Belgium and Israel are those countries where mobile phones used are more than their population.
The craze of purchasing the precious mobile sets and then getting the unique number' SIM has started a new race of status symbol. Last week a prince from Kuwait's royal family purchased a costly number called "Super Golden Mobile Phone Number" 55555555 in an open bid for 0.210 m Kuwaiti Dinars and got his name recoded in the "Guineas Book of World Record"
SMS (Short Messaging Service) extended by the mobile companies is a unique, simple and easy short messaging service and people take advantage of it. During the current year 6.1 b SMS were exchanged in the world.
In Pakistan people having no surplus balance in the account miscall the friends to call back, while, no where in the world miscall method is used.Here people upload songs on mobile sets that is heard by the receiver and mostly during the prayers in the mosques the mobile start singing. However, it is an atomic age and many constructive invention will come and may be many destructive too to destroy the world humanity.
However, some times it is used for subversive and terrorist activities too as a dangerous tool. Like in bomb blasts. Therefore, in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) it has been used in sectarian killings and other destructive activities , so in the city and surrounding areas , the mobile towers have been closed and jammers have been installed in the city. So, at least D I Khan people are deprived of this useful instrument, but ban is for their safety that they have accepted happily and use land line telephone now, which had been disconnected priorly.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friendly Ties With India

It is a tradition in Pakistan since it came into being on August 14, 1947, that every new Government would reject all the policies of the previous rulers and starts their so called newer and effective ones. Same is the case with the Kashmir policy. Every body knows that India would never leave an inch of Kashmir but will continue the killings of innocent Kashmiri children, elderly and women. India always hesitates to talk about Kashmir dispute and declares Kashmir as its Unbreakable Part, in Hindi "Attote Ang" Where as , our government always seeks India's favor and friendship that is the wish of India too that Pakistan should forget about Kashmir and strengthen friendship of trade, exchange of artists, singers,poets etc. Pakistan has permitted trade to Afghanistan through the Waga Border. Who will benefit from it? Definitely, India. This was dictated by USA because Pakistan respires with the permission of Big Boss. There is also a strong lobby who is in favor of deep relations with India, and Human Rights Commission People and a private News Channel holds festivals and songs contests and other cultural shows. The Chairman of Kashmir Committee is Maulana Fazal ur Rahman. But what is his contribution towards this problem. If present government wants to forget Kashmir then the leaders must get public opinion and approval of the Parliament. Though present parliament is of no use, members just attend the session to sleep and relax in their comfortable seats. The government who always speaks of parliament is no more than a rubber stamp. Only a referendum on this issue is a solution. Either forget the issue for ever or attempts be made to solve it through the world community. India would never solve it nor will give chance for it. During any dialogue creates some new issue and breaks and discontinues the talks to be held till next initial talks and from zero point. Now a days Bombay Blasts are the Major issue for India, and it will prolong it for years. Why three wars have been fought between the two countries, what was the problem between neighboring countries.? If all is to throw to the dust bin then government can forget the Kashmir Issue.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eat Less and Live Long

Our Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad Mujtaba (PBUH) has said had said nearly 1500 years back that "stop eating the meal when you are still hungry and need some 3-4 mouthfuls more. Eating a bit less will keep you healthy." I think,though the residents of the Japanese city Oki Nawa would neither be knowing about this Hadit nor they are Muslims, but they act upon this saying of The Great Prophet and live a healthy life for more than hundred years. They never think of delicious meals nor need special meat or vegetables. They just take simple foods but they have the tradition of eating less and are nearly half hungry when they stop eating. It has been been proved in Scientific Study that these people of free of Cancer, Hypertension and Diabetes. They take fish and Tofo having proteins THey do not know about protein), brown rice, cereals in the form of barley that has carbohydrates, they also take vegetables and fruits and other such natural foods that have high quantity of water. They never eat fats and boiled meat, so they live natural life.
On the other hand there are people in the world who eat so much that in the last their stomach refuses to take more. This is not only in under developed countries , but even in USA, England and other wealthy states. According to WHO, the world population at this time is 6.6 billion and and every night 1.2 billion sleep hungry and with out taking any thing.The people in many countries are suffering from many diseases due to eating more and wasting the cooked foods more than they eat. In England, 0.67 million ton cooked food worth 10.2 pounds is wasted or thrown away annually.Similarly, every British family wastes on the average surplus meals of 250-400 pounds annually. In the USA, 100 billion lbs of food, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals are thrown away. The restaurants in the USA waste ( throw away)6000 tons cooked foods daily.
One can imagine, on one side many people are dying of hunger or suffering from diseases due to malnutrition and on other hand , how much food is being wastes by the human beings in this world.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

White Terrorist Groups In the United States

The Terrorism and Extremism on the basis of creed, color and religion is spreading at an alarming speed  in the countries who consider themselves developed and most civilized nations. In every society there are individuals who due to studying negative and destructive type of literature, history or events make a peculiar ideology that they are the superiors to others and have the right to rule the world and only they are on the right path. This was the thinking of Hitler that created Nazism. According to the report titling  "Locked and loaded"  published in the  "Time" magazine,  some people have been brain washed and after loading negative thinking  their minds have been locked. Thy are armed  and can bring disaster to a large scale.These people can not be convinced by logic or arguments.This report is not about a underdeveloped Latino African country but is about the USA and of course not about the Muslims but relates to those who are American by birth.. Groups like this are many in the country. They consider the present rulers as foreign dictators, think that they are the heirs of the founders of America, they believe in an armed struggle and do not believe in elections as a solution to the problems.  They are not in favor of giving respect to other nations but are working for the white colored people.
         According to the American secret agencies at the  end of year 2009, there were 142 armed groups like this while before this the number was 42. Recently, a young man named James Cummings was killed by his wife and it was disclosed that he was sympathetic towards Nazism and he was struggle to construct a "Dirty Bomb" and intended to kill the top most personalities of the USA. His was  released after the facts came to light. Now, USA must think about culminating terrorism in her own country , otherwise this time bomb may blast any time.          

Friday, November 5, 2010

Feudalism In Pakistan

In Pakistan, feudalism has appeared in different forms. The feudalism in Pakistan consists of landlords with large joint families possessing hundreds or even thousands of acres of land. They themselves never make any direct contribution to economy of the country, through agriculture production. Instead, all work is done by peasants or tenants who live at subsistence level.
The landlords, due to their ownership and control of such vast amounts of land and human resources, are powerful enough to influence the distribution of water, fertilisers, tractor permits and agricultural credit and, consequently exercises considerable influence over the revenue, police and judicial administration of the area. A landlord is, thus, lord and master. Such absolute power can easily corrupt, and it is no wonder that the feudal system there is humanly degrading.
The system, which some critics say is parasitical at its very root, induces a state of mind which may be called the feudal mentality.
Almost half of Pakistan's Gross National Product and the bulk of its export earnings are derived primarily from the agricultural sector controlled by a few thousand feudal families. Armed with a monopoly of economic power, they easily pre-empted political power.

To begin with, the Pakistan Muslim League, the party laying Pakistan's foundation 53 years ago, was almost wholly dominated by feudal lords such as the Zamindars, Jagirdars, Nawabs, Nawabzadas and Sardars, the sole exception being the Jinnahs. Pakistan's major political parties are feudal-oriented, and more than two-thirds of the National Assembly (Lower House) is composed of this class. Besides, most of the key executive posts in the provinces are held by them.
Through the 50s and the 60s the feudal families retained control over national affairs through the bureaucracy and the armed forces. Later on in 1972, they assumed direct power and retained it until the military regained power recently. Thus, any political observer can see that this oligarchy, albeit led by and composed of different men at different times, has been in power since Pakistan's inception.
In the agrarian sector, it is the landowner who is excluded from the production process, while in industry, domestic technology is almost absent or kept at bay. Industrialisation over the past five decades has, to a large extent, been established and operated with foreign capital, technology and raw materials. As a result, native technology has remained stagnant and the rest of the economy is not integrated with industry.
Today, Pakistan depends mostly on foreign aid for industrial raw materials and spare parts. This dependence has caused severe weakness to its economy. Coupled with these shortcomings, nationalisation in the industrial sector has brought further injuries. Many industries, after nationalisation, suffered substantially. Consequently, the industrial policy has not only failed to create a sound industrial base and employment opportunities, but has instead increased unemployment.
In this connection, it can be pointed out that while much has been said against the families who accumulated wealth, there was little actually done against such a system. In such a system, a vast income-differential also exists which adversely affects Pakistan's balance of payments. One knows that higher income invariably leads to a greater tendency to import.
This feudalism in Pakistan has engulfed the politics, the economy of Pakistan. The lords do not allow, the children of tenants to go to school, neither they permit schools to be established in their constituencies, nor they allow them to leave and work in other big cities. Whole of their life is spent in serving the Maliks, and Jagirdars. They are only useful in casting votes for their lords. This system will never vanish but will grow and be promoted by those having unlimited powers and resources

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Jews Are Not in Favor of Israeli State and Zionism

       All the Pakistanis and majority of the Muslims in Islamic countries may be thinking that all the Jews from each and every nook and corner of the word may be in favor of Israel and their Zionism but ground reality is that it is not the fact. There are millions of Jews who are as against the Israeli state and their atrocities and cruel behavior against Palestinians as any Muslim can be. They are the followers of Neturei Karta group of Jews who are in millions. According to them;
The Palestinians want back the land stolen from them by the "State of Israel" in 1948, but this “State of Israel” will never return it to them, having “received” it from the United Nations! The creation of a "State of Israel" at the expense of the Palestinians living there was a wrong decision, a historic injustice that is unacceptable today to increasing numbers of people.
This "State of Israel" must be dissolved quickly and peacefully. The danger emanating from that region can no longer be tolerated.
Neturei Karta International propose;-:
Step 1: Dissolution: The "State of Israel" will be dissolved through UN resolution. The UN decision of November 1947, calling for the partitioning of Palestine and the establishment of the "State of Israel," will be recognized as a mistake and reversed.
Step 2: Transfer of Power: The Palestinian people will take full sovereignty over the whole country, including the territory of today's "State of Israel." The transfer will take place in the following manner: The UN will take power in the country after the dissolution of the "State of Israel," and will enter into negotiations with a provisional Palestinian government, transferring the territory to them. After the takeover, a permanent government will be formed under the declaration of a new Palestinian state.
Step 3: Population policy: If the Palestinian government agrees, the Jews already living there will be allowed to remain with the status of immigrants under Palestinian sovereignty in the country. Upon request, they may obtain full Palestinian citizenship and equality, if that citizenship and equality be granted by the Palestinian authorities. The UN and the nations will prepare laws that would regulate such matters. The procedure and the execution of the whole plan should be as equitable, humane and painless as possible. A sufficiently long time should be provided for the execution of the plan.
Step 4: Living together: The submitters of this proposal hope to overcome, by the adoption and implementation of this plan, the pent-up hatred and desire for revenge, which unfortunately seem to be the only things Jews and Arabs have in common under the current reality. Â We hope to see all people living together again in excellent agreement and mutual respect, as in all the years before the Zionist disaster.
This proposal may seem utopian, but it is the only real and serious possibility for a peaceful solution to this otherwise intractable problem.
Let us consider five advantages, which will be effective immediately after the implementation of this plan:
1. The threat to world peace will be substantially defused. Middle East war, Intifada, Qassam rockets, Gaza War, Lebanon War, Suez War, Six-Day War and more will be things of the past. Israel's nuclear threat as well as Iran's "Israel-destruction threat" will be meaningless. Large parts of the global anti-terrorism campaign will be unnecessary, since terrorism is largely caused and motivated by the existence of the "State of Israel."
2. The oppression of the Palestinian people by the "State of Israel" will be over. Their livelihood and human dignity will be restored to them. The prison that is Gaza will be opened. The Palestinians in the Middle East will once again be able to breathe freely.
3. Anti-Semitism will decline sharply. Its current main cause, the impudent and arrogant behavior of the Zionist state against people and nations, as well as its atrocities against its "Arab subjects," will come to an end due to the dissolution of the Zionist state. Threats of rising anti-Semitism around the world will occur less and less.
4. The astronomical sums which the U.S. and other countries shell out annually for the support and arming of the "State of Israel" can be used from now on for the execution of this scheduled peace process.
5. The U.S. and other countries will be freed from the grips of the "Zionist lobby." They will again be free to make their own decisions without the consent and constraints of this powerful lobby.
A Short Explanation of the True Jewish, Unadulterated Torah Position:
The land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians who have been living there for centuries. The Jews were sent into exile by God two thousand years ago, and they must remain in exile until they are redeemed by God. The Zionist idea of a premature termination of exile by human power, through politics, robbery and intrigue, has always been opposed and rejected vehemently by Torah-true Judaism.
           This faction separated from a group Agudas Leroel . They neither take part in Israeli Elections not they accept any help from the state Social Security.They held a prayer ceremony out side the Percy Military Hospital where Yasir Araafat was on the death bed. They also attempted to help and send aid to the besieged Palestinian in Gaza. Strip, when Turkey aid boats were captured  and shot to the death many Turks by Israeli Army. Pakistani Journalist were also arrested.
  So they hate Israel as muslims do due to their crelities upon innocent Paletinians.    

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pakistani Minister's Sugary Advice

Though Pakistani Ministers usually advise the people to do what they do not like to do themslves. But Pakistan's Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Muhammad Gondal sssured the people that in his personal kitchen sugar is never used, so he advised, if sugar prices are too high to be afforded then people should stop using sugar. He is right because Ministers are never wrong in Pakistan, but if some one asks the Minister that the prices of electricity , the flour, the vegetables, the milk,and that of drinking water and the public transport's fares all are very expensive, so definetely the honorable Minister would advise not to use any thing and sit in the home and enjoy life with out taking and using anything. These are the people who never go to Sunday Market or grocery stores to buy something because their servants do all the jobs for them , how do they know that how "Awam' living. Most of the Misisters in Pakistan do not have correct information or data about tyheir own ministery, how they can know about the masses. This is a miracle that inspite of looting the national treasure/exchequer for the last 63 years , Pakistan is surviving. Other rulers in Pakistan have left no stone unturened to ruin the country.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Increase In Prices of Petroleum Products and Electricity Bills

Government has thrown another Petrol Bomb on the public by increasing the prices of petroleum products in including that of Diesel. With this all the food items like vegetables, fruits and all those commodities that are transported from Markets to sale points will be increased. The fares of the private transport that is used by the common masses will also be increases due to high prices of diesel. In addition, in spite of heavy load shedding electricity prices per unit are to be raised by 2 % from November. Where as common man is being forced to commit suicides, the corruption and irregularities in government funds by the Ministers may be former or present are being ignored by the ruling party and the opposition together. because they know if they do not cover the weaknesses of the opposition, in future they may come in power and will reopen the cases against them. Similarly the head of the Public Account Committee, who belongs to major political party ignored the corruption case against the former Trade and Commerce Minister that was pointed out in meeting of the Committee presided by vice Chairperson, because on that day Chairman was not present. He, in a private letter to the former minister wrote that do not worry nothing will be done. In another meeting of the committee when a closed file of Former President Parvez Musharraf was presented to the Auditor General about the assets and tax payments, he hesitated to receive it because he was appointed by Parvez Musharraf, and not want willing to reopen the case. It was again decided in the meeting unanimously that this file must not be opened because if it is done the tax and assets cases against the leader of the Opposition and the President will also be reopened , so the file should be kept closed as it is. So this is the mentality of our political leaders they provide coverage to each other. There is no possibility that any big gun can be punished for corruption or irregularities.