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Friday, November 26, 2010

Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman: The Only Real Politician in Pakistani Politics-3

Maulana Fazal ur Rahman is so wise that he leaves for Umra or to any other foreign country, if there is any serious crisis going on in the country. He observes the situation from out side and when crisis gets subsidized, he comes to country and issues his diplomatic statement on the crisis. He is called Maulana Diesel, due to some allegations, but at least he is never involved in any corruption matter. Maulana has has more than 5 senses, he smells the political situation in the country more than any other politician. He realized and weighed his position in D I Khan's constituency during the last elections, because before the elections he was force to leave the Mosque in Di Khan , where he used to lead Eid Prayer, as the people chanted slogans against him. So he managed to contest election from Bannu district too along with D I Khan's seat.
I have no objection to his political policies nor I have the right to do so. The concern I have that he is of course a real and successful politician , but he is not a Maulana in real sense. He , being so knowledgeable an Islamic Scholar, why is he in dirty Pakistani politics?. He can never bring Islamic Law and Sharia in the country , because he is not sincerely struggling for that. He is against America, and other Western Countries, but his kids are studying in English Schools, he uses Mobile, travels in precious and expensive vehicles manufactured by western countries., takes western medicines when sick, though all these things are prepared and invented by "KAFIRS" ( non muslims). He is fond of protocol, police vans, and squad is ahead and after Maulana's Caravan. He likes pomp and show. He claims to bring Islam in the country and the reign of Caliphs. Did Caliphs declared them selves the best of all in the [public gatherings to be elected/selected to rule the people. Did they use government's or personal guards to protect them from death.? My complain is to you Maulana not to other politicians.. Be only Maulana or only Politician. I am your voter I have the right to say to you. You may say that life is Allah's property and to save it is our duty. But the example of Caliphs is before you.
The MNA elected from Dera Ismail Khan instead of you, is not doing something for the welfare of the common man in the constituency, you have the chance to win next elections. Do something for the poor people of Dera Ismail Khan.

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