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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

USA And Israel Have Been After Pakistan's Nuclear Assets For Years

The United States has led top secret efforts for years to remove highly enriched uranium from Pakistan. It worries USA that it can be used to make an illicit nuclear device, according to leaked US cables.
The New York Times said the documents, part of quarter of a million confidential American diplomatic cables released Wikileaks, showed that the effort had so far proved unsuccessful.
Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is one of the most sensitive topics for the United States as it tries to improve relations with its frontline ally in the campaign against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
Militants embarked on a nationwide bombing campaign across Pakistan in 2007, the same year, the secret efforts began.
In May 2009, it was quoted by the then US ambassador Anne Patterson as saying that Pakistan was refusing to schedule a visit by American technical experts.
The Times attributed the reason to a nameless Pakistani official who said: "If the local media got word of the fuel removal, 'they certainly would portray it as the United States taking Pakistan's nuclear weapons'".
Islamabad has been adamant that its nuclear weapons are in safe hands and US President Barack Obama has publicly concurred.

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