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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Most Intelligent Politician of Pakistan-2

Maulana Fazal ur Rahman inherited JUI, the party his Late Father Mufti Mamood was running. Though , during his life the party was divided into 3 factions, JUI(Hazarvi), JUI (S) and the third faction called JUI (F), which is the present party heade by Maulana. The two younger brothers of Maulana, Atta ur Rahman and Lutf ur Rahman are also actively taking part in politics and Maulana Atta ur Rahman was elected to MNA from Tank district , while , the yougest one Maulana Lutf ur Rahman is MPA from Paroa. The middle brother was also Minister for Tourism , but due to a writ the Tank re- election is to be held yet.
There are no allegations of corruption against Maulana , his brothers or any other member of his party. The big Maulana is more and pure politician rather than being a Maulana. I belong to his constituency , being the voter. At least Maulana is free of any illegal earnings> He depends upon his salary or emoluments from the Assembly budget. I never favor his politics, because what he speaks of, in the speeches , he would never fulfill the promises for the well being of his voters. Therefore, he could not get his seat from Dera Ismail Khan , but won MNA seat from Bannu. Faisal Karim Kundi defeated him in his parental constituency with a wide margin . But the people of D I Khan are fed up with Kundi. He did nothing for the people too. Maulana , being a religious leader is too proud, he shakes only fingers with his voters and common peole, standing upright with Tasbeeh in his left hand , extends fingers to the people. While , the islamicway is to shake both hands. He is greedy for money and power. He gets money from legal surces, of course not through illegal means. He used to be Chairman of Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs in the late Ba Nazir regime, when he used to go on tour to USA or other country he demanded TA and DA, of the status of PM and Head of State in foreign currency, in advance. At that time Ishaq Khan was the Minister for Finance, he once got dis mooded and asked the PM to hand over the keys of State Bank to Maulana, so that Maulana could get what does he want. Once Maulana left Hotel in Frankfurt with out being checked out and Ambassr to Germany had to pay the charges for his stay.
Now a days Maulana is the Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Affairs and has proceeded Tour to London. Though , Ansaar Burney has asked the British Government not allow Maulana.
Maulanas latest version of announcement on Reformed General Sales Tax is in Government favor , and he said if it does not burden the masses we will favor it. What a funny! tax is tax and RGST is on poor not the richest. Though Maulana's party has declared that we will not favor RGST , lately . But this is a special tactics of his party to get benefits.


افتخار اجمل بھوپال said...

So, you know Fazal ur Rahman very well

Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir said...

Iftekhar Sahib,
You may be right, but you do not know our traditions, Maulvi is called to any bearded person in Pakistan, or he who leads prayer but does not have enough knowledge of islam. Right Maulana is from Maila Na maula word is used for Allah and na is means our master. But who hass qualified from Madrassa has degree from Islamic about Fiqqa, tafseer orftawa he is called Maulana. Ok sir, maulvi is for joketoo here.