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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Government Websites in Pakistan Have Been Attacked

Nearly all the Government Websites in Pakistan have been attacked.But, it is said that hackers failed to hack and lock the sites.It is reported that these websites have been attacked by an Organization in India called Indian Cyber Army. In Pakistan officials, officers, leaders and rulers all are busy in activities other than mandatory. They do not care what happens to the nation or country. Specially in Government department no body cares for his duty. Those who are responsible for maintaining websites in sensitive and important departments seldom update web sites and most of the time, the names of those officials who are retired or no more in this world, are given. In the website of the parliament,names of the Misters who have resigned are being displayed longer and names of new minsters, are missing. But , they have no "fault" too, because in Pakistan there are so many Ministers, Advisers, Ministers for State, and it is really "difficult" to display name of each and every one. Next day other minster will take oath any other may resign so a long list is impossible to update daily.
It is good that one Institution, the Pakistan Army in Pakistan is alert all the time, otherwise rulers are either sleeping or busy in collecting money. We have enemies all around, but our leaders do not care.

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