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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Difference Between The Pakistani Richest and Those of USA's

Why should not be the USA , a Super Power that dictates the world, Why Muslim Kashmiris and Paletinians may not be crushed by India and Israel, respectively. Because Muslim world has no unity, if one Muslim country is attacked by USA, others beg to spare his territory, and provides all the logistic facilities to the attacker to save his "rule" and Kingdom. So this will be the fate of Muslims all over the world and lucky fortune of the West. At least the people and specially the richest in other Muslim countries are loyal to their nations. While, unfortunately the ruling faction of Pakistan and those who are exploiting the poor people of Pakistan, collecting income and increasing bank balance in the country but living in London or USA, are neither sincere nor loyal to their motherland. If Pakistan collapses due to their bad deeds they will fly to their shelters in other countries and will returns when they will have the chance to rule.
Forty -five senators and 445 the richest Americans have come forward to strengthen their weaker national economy, and presented themselves to the state for imposing maximum taxes to pay. President Bush Junior during 2001 had increased the rate of taxes on the citizens whose income was more than a million $ annually; under a law. How much Americans are loyal sincere and patriotic to their nation. Our Wealthy people are avoiding taxes on the agricultural income and even do not pay taxes on their declared assets. They are all sitting in the parliament and will definitely impose taxes on poor whether it is RGST or any other tax. We curse USA all the time but how much is the difference between a Muslim State and a secular state. We will go down day by day and the nations of people loving their country will be more developed and prosperous. USA is really a Great Nation and so are the Americans.

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