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Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Leaks Uploads Secret Documents

Documents released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks on Sunday shows that US diplomats describe German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle as arrogant, vain and critical of America.
The reports were part of a bundle of over 250,000 US State Department documents obtained by WikiLeaks and distributed to media in the United States and Europe, and which have revealed sensitive information and candid views of foreign leaders.
The documents, published in Germany by news weekly Der Spiegel, included 1,719 diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in Berlin -- which showed diplomats giving frank assessments of high-ranking politicians including Chancellor Angela Merkel.The report said,"She avoids risk and is seldom creative," one US diplomat cited by Der Spiegel wrote of the Chancellor, who was referred to as 'Teflon Merkel' in some reports. Reprt added "The Americans consider the chancellor to view international diplomacy above all from the perspective of how she can profit from it domestically," the Spiegel. While the reports are candid towards Merkel, they underline overwhelmingly how US diplomats find it easier to work with her than with Westerwelle, who received the harshest criticism.
He is described as having an "exuberant personality" that sometimes leads to conflict with Merkel, but little foreign policy experience and an ambivalent view towards the US. "There was a consensus among desk officers -- driven, perhaps, by political bias -- that Westerwelle was arrogant and too fixated on maintaining his 'cult of personality'," said a report written before Westerwelle became foreign minister.
It is said that reports leaked by WikiLeaks also opens some secrets about the Presidents of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia. USA was too worried about the leakage of the documents, and the web site owner feared that the site was under cyber attack, but afterall the documents were released by whistle-blowers, who have leaked already many secret documents.

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