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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new corruption scandal

Where Pakistan is suffering of a natural calamity of floods and millions of people have been homeless and more than this r surrounded by waters n and also pray to diserases, A new corruption sacandal of cricket has struck the nation. As whole organization , management of each and every instituition of the state is the same or more or less involved in unfair means of collecting money. Nation spends millions of rupees on cricketers in the shape of allowances , dailies salaries and all other facilities still they are greedy to earn money thru fixing the matches. Most of them belong to poor families and villages they never have enjoyed luxurient blife so they fell pray to bukkies. and match fixers. But must have to save the fame of country and nation. It seems they have no respect for nation. Cricket must be banned in pakistan and Hockey and Foot ball be promoted . This game is the remainants of our slavery under Britishers and the nations who were colonies of britishers play this game. No other countries like this time wasting game.


Kashif Raza, Faisalabad said...

Dr Sahib,
Our nation has corruption in all walks of life, so cricket can not be an exception. Either the chairman of the board be changed or the cricketers should be culled out who have defamed the nation. How much our people love cricketers but they have deceived the nation for money. They are greedy and selfish play for money not for nation.

Muhammad Iqbal, Multan said...

Dear Dr Sahib,
we are very unfortunate because those people whom our nation loves much deceive our people by earning money. We are in favor of banning cricket and promoting tennis and hockey as well as hockey. OUr people will do good on all these games. these games are played in less time and time is saved that is wasted in watching tv and playing cricket.