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Monday, August 23, 2010

Aid To Pakistan from India

This is good that Pakistan has accepted the aid extended by India. Otherwise, India always seeks excuses to blame Pakistan for any minor event. She would have shown to the world that Pakistan does not like to have good relations with neighbors or does not like to resumes talks that were abandoned due to India's India that their Minister had no mandate to have talks on core issues. Pakistan has been giving aid to several countries including India during natural calamities. However, this was a nice decision though many politicians are opposing this aid. At least Pakistan has left no excuse for India to proceed further for composite dialogues.

1 comment:

Afzal Chishti Sialkot said...

It is right decision of the government to accept aid from India. Otherwise our image to the world would have been more spoiled. A negative message would have gone to the world community about Pakistan. Our image already is not goodand India would have used non acceptance of aid against us.
Afzal Chishti Sialkot