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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kalabagh Dam In Pakistan

One astonishes that inspite of heavy short fall of electricity, Pakistan govenment is not going to start work on Kalabagh Dam. One reason seems the outside pressure from the countries providing rental power plants and other is definetely from inside. Majority of the people of Sind and KPK would have realised that if the dam would have constructed the devastating floods would never have eliminated the city of Nowshera from the scene , but with out having kalabagh dam this city and its surrounding villages have been inundated. If Kalabagh dam were to be there damages like this to the properties nad houses would never have been of this magnitude. Now what the stakeholders would say about the floods.? Is not Kalabagh dam necessary for the benefit of the nation and Nowshera.? I do not belong to Punjab , but i am from KPK and am in favor of construction of Kalabagh Dam , on the feasibility reports millions of dollars have already been spent.

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