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Monday, August 2, 2010

What a Cruel Rulers of Pakistan

It never happened and no where happened that the paople of a state vare dying in thouisands daily and the President of Islamic Democratic Republic of Pakistan is on luxury tour to France and England. Our rulers do not lern lesseons from other heads of states are pose to to be ignorant that if in a state situation like this or less than arises in any country, the head of state where ever he is on an official tour cancels his tour and comes back to country immediately. While the the head of Pakistan is gone ignoring the rising death tool and flood situation in Pakistan Ispiteof very wrong statement of David Cameron of England. What will happen , president will return back with "do more" orders and more drone attacks and some threats. What an irony?

1 comment:

Mustafa Kamal Multan, Pakistan said...

Dear Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir,
I agree more tha hunders percent with your views and ideas. Our rulers are so cruel and senless that our president is gone on tour to introduce his son in polotics , while people of the state are i trouble due to floods n killings.