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Friday, August 6, 2010

Insulting the Nation

Inspite of requests from the people of Pakistan as well as from the Leaders of major Political parties, President of Pakistan neither returned home nor cancelled his tour to England and talks with David Cameron. This step He took is very insulting for the Nation. While major newspapers of USA and England condemned his visit . Papers like Newyork Times, Daily Telegraph, The sun , The Independent and many more advised Mr president to go back home and take care of his people who are drowning in floods. A paper also advised Mr Cameron' Count your fingers after shaking hands with Mr Ten Percent". What a true intepretation of the people of other nations about the President of Islamic Democrsatic Republic of Pakistan. Though he wanted to launch his son as a politician in the international politics, but looking at the mood of people he did not do so. But, he enjoyed his luxury tour to France and England fully. Good a president should be like this , an ideal president for the people of Pakistan, and they deserve president like him. Jeeway Pakistan.

1 comment:

Afzal Chishti, Sialkot Pakistan said...

Dear Dr Khizar,
Assalamo Alaikum,
You are right Sir, we are the unfortunate nation that our political leaders are not sincere with the nation. They appear in the public when there is election compaign and then disappear and never come to there voters. Exactly, the present situation is a proof of cruel leaders of Pakistan. Our president is on luxury trip when more than 1,23 people got affected from the floods. This is the moral support that they can get from VVIP,otherwise the lives gone for ever can not return back nor any body can return them. Our president is enjoying trips to France, England and now gone to Syria. What the hell our leaders are doing. What the world is thinking about us. Even our friendly countries are not not willing to give add to Pakistan. Because all is gone in the bellies of higher ups and deserving people get nothing. Allah may Bless our people.