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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Non Implementation of Supreme Courts Decisions

Supreme Court of Pakistan on many corruption issues like, NRO's out of the way promotions to higher posts, head of OGDC and on other issues have given decisions but government is paying no attention to implement all these. Though some of them have been done but in those cases where its own interest is not involved. In the case of NRO government is proceeding slowly and saying that president has exemption. Chief Justice has on many occasions have warned the govt to act upon and also said that Prime Minister is a wise man and understands the refusal results of the Court's verdicts. There is going to be a severe clash and seems there may be a great changes in the system . Government 's decision in all walks of life are wrong and corrupt people are promoted or employed to important posts like Director General for Haj. Now government's own ministers are objecting the decision of govt like Abdul Qayyyum Jatoi who has been forced to resign May Allah save my Nation from the politicians like present ones.

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