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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Imprisnment To Dr Aafia

American have expressed their hatred and enemity as well as dirty mentality against Muslims and have sentenced Dr Aafia for 86 years imprisonment that in many countries murders would not get. On other hand the cowardly leaders of Pakistan did not ask the USA to hand over her to Pakistan under the International agreements that would allow the respective country to get back their prisoners in other countries to trial in their courts. This is beacause Muslim blood is too cheap while American is highly precious. They kill billions of Muslims for any less numbers of Americans if killed some where. How a weaker woman like DR Aafia could hold a gun and shoot an American thatr did not die and she was sentenced as she killed hundreds of USA citizens. This is only because Muslims all over the world are afraid of USE lest their rulership may go and are saving their selves. Pakistani rulers can allow USA and NATO to kill Pakistanis any where thru drone attacks or thru any meran but did not even try to return Aafia to Pakistan. THe cowardly nations of Arabiamn countris are supporting the weak economy of USA by purchasing arms from USA worth 123 billion dollars to save arms factories of their country from collapsing. But they did say a word for releasing Aafia. What an irony on the part of MUslim UMMA.

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