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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lame Excuses of the Government

The Prime Minister of Pakistan seems will never write letter to Swiss court to open cases against President. But may cull out some of the minsters and a few bureaucrats. Though Supreme Court has given some 2 weeks relief to Government but the decision of the PrimeMinister House will be the same. It is well known that flood activities or any other activities are hindering him to prepare summary. Al are just lame excuses. It means that there is fear of a great change in the country that is obvious from the meeting of 3 important personnel's. It also seems visible to have some interim government and then nation may go to mid term elections.It is a badluck the poor nation. The world may receive a message , if all happens that democracy is no cure for the chronically sick nation. The failure of the democracy may fall on the shoulders of politicians. And corruption in the country is the main reason.

1 comment:

Sabir Gul, Peshawar said...

WE as a nation are very unfortunate that our leadership is corrupt and our nation as a whole is considered to be corrupt due to these people. Thee is a dire need of revolution to clear all the dirt and clean the society. Nation is looking forward to army that can do the task > no alternative other than this option.