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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Threats to Superior Judges

It has been reported in the print as well as electronic media that Khawaja Sharif Chief Justice of Lahore High court and his family has been threatened as well as other judges too in Pakistan It is very sad and alarming situation. Government is doing nothing for the safety of the judges. The reason is known to all Pakistanis that courts have given decision on so many issues thru Sou moto actions and decision that is not acceptable to many Elites of the country. Because those are the beneficiaries of NRO and involved in many corruption cases. Like due to the fake degrees detection HEC has been deprived of the funds . Which will affect thousands of the students within and outside the country. Same is the situation with the courts. There fore Chief Justice of Supreme Court has asked the Government whether she wants the courts to carry out their work or not? What is happening in Pakistani. Does this whole conditions and situations are not leading the country to a revolution? Government is not helping the flood affectees but going to construct a Memorial for Bay Nazir the late. Government is spending lavishly on President and PM house but urging and appealing UN and other nations to help n donate money for the flood hit people. What an irony? how unfortunate the people of Pakistan are.

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