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Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Most Creative Engagement Photos

If the secret to a happy marriage is doing whatever your wife wants, this pair are on course for a fabulous life time together. The couple celebrated their engagement by recreating famous moments from the bride's to be's favourite moments.
You know the standard for engagement photos-the woman looking daintily up at her intended while he looks broodingly into the distance, the couple holding hands in an awkward position so the engagement ring is front and center or the couple kissing on the beach while the bride- to-be is lifting her leg and pointing her toes.

Indian Politician Arrested For Chanting In Favour Of Pakistan

In India a politician belonging to Samaj Wadi Party was arrested on chanting in favour of Pakistan in Shimli district of Uttar Pradesh. This was the place where clash between workers of Samaj Pasrty and Bhartia Janta Party had taken place in which several people got wounded. The politician Mahmud Alam was arrested in the bazaar when he was chanting in favour of Pakistan and against Narendra Modi. He was alleged for being drunken and for receiving extortion money by police. Extremists Hindus does not tolerate a person who speaks for Pakistan even for Pakistani cricket team.

People Marched Through Istanbul In Gay Pride Parade

Masses of people have marched through Istanbul to support gay rights. The pride parade has been billed as the Muslim World's largest, this time taking a special significance after one year of anti-government protests. Turkey's LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, bi-sexual and transgender) community turned out in droves on Istanbul's main pedestrian street Istiklal Avenue, for this year's gay pride parade. Participants waved rainbow flags and carried signs calling for an end to homophobia in the Muslim country, "Love knows no gender". "another kind of family is possible and "stop homophobia" some of the signs read. Homosexuality is not illegal in Turkey. However, homophobia firmly remains in place among Mid Eastern Muslim country's right-path followers. In 2010, prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdagon's minster for family and women Selma Aliya called it a "disease" that " needs to be treated".

Mujahids Fighting In Syria And Iraq Announced The Establishment Of 'Caliphate'

Mujahids fighting in Syria and Iraq announced Sunday the establishment of "Caliphate", referring to the system of rule that ended nearly 100 years ago with the fall of Ottomans. In an audio recording distributed online, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) declared its chief Abu Bakr Albaghdadi "The Caliph" and "leader for Muslims everywhere". The Shura (Council) of the Islamic State met and discussed this issue of the Caliphate. The Islamic State decided to establish an Islamic Caliphate and to designate a Caliph for the state of Muslims, said ISIL spokesperson Abu Muhammad Al- Adnani. "The word 'Iraq' and 'Levant' have been removed from the name of the Islamic state in official papers and documents." Adnani said, describing the Caliphate the 'dream' in the hearts of all Muslims and the hope of all Jihadis. After the first four caliphs who succeeded Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba (SAW) the caliphate lived its golden age in the Omayyad empire from the year 661 to 750, and then under the Abbasids from 750 to 1517. It was abolished when Ottoman empire collapsed in 1924.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fake Agents Tricked Young Napalese Women Into Marriages With Elderly Korean Husbands

A flourishing racket 'in mail order brides' has come to light, in which young women from low-income Asian countries like Nepal are lured into marriages with men far older than them in relatively wealthy countries like South Korea. Recruitment agents and overseas marriage bureaus have been scouting Nepali women who are tricked into marriages with aged, and often alcoholic foreign husbands in South Korea. Nilambar Bodal who has been investigating such complaints said hundreds of Nepali women from the country's rural areas are trapped in Asian countries, especially South Korea, a country with a large number of overage or divorce men seeking re-marriage. More than 100,000 women among South Korea's 1.2 million foreign population are estimated to be foreign brides.

One-Night Brides For Sale In Vietnam

Though China is making progress economically and prosperity and has joined the community of most prosperous countries, but as far as the condition of Human Rights are concerned, it is discouraging. It has been recently revealed that Chinese are buying helpless and poor Vietnamese girls in large numbers for satisfying their own thirst or selling ahead to brothels. The northern border of Vietnam touches Chinese border and there poor Hamong tribe is inhabited who sell women and young girls in great numbers to Chinese men. Vietnamese Hamong people are 8 % and they have been exploited since long. Unfortunately, the people who cell girls to Chinese men also belong to this tribe. Chinese are also buying girls from other neighbouring countries like Korea, Cambodia, Mayanmar and Liuse.

Movie Stars Lookalikes

*--We never knew that Scarlett Johanson had a twin sister!. Abigail Bresline, who starred in (Little Miss Sunshine) showcased a glamorous new look at this year's Teen choice Awards and we could help but think she looked like Miss Johanson. With her blonde looks and ample cleavage, Abigail has certainly grown up in the last few years-- but who would have thought she would turn into mini Scarlett. *-- With their rugged looks, wide smiles and chrismatic attitudes, we think Javier
Berdem and Robert Downy Jr could be brothers. Extremely handsome ones at that! *-- Jessica Beil should feel complimented at the fact we reckon she is a spitting
image of US model and director Christy Turlington. *-- Katy Perry and Zoey Deshanel have to be related. The two ladies look spokily-
perhaps they were separated at birth. *-- The OC star Melinda Clarke be Emma Stone's older sister , we reckon so!
(Courtsy MSN Movies)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

US Beauty Pageant Winners Lose Their Crowns In Separate, Unrelated Mix-ups

Beauty pageant winner in Delaware and Florida lost their crowns this week in separate unrelated mix-ups. Amanda Longcare, who was named Miss Delaware lost hers because she is older than the Miss America organisation allows. In Florida officials discovered a tabulation error that cost Elizabeth Fechtel her victory. The 24-year-old Longcare was crowned June 14 in Delaware but lost her crown Wednesday.
Miss America pageant rules require contestants to be between 17 and 24, and Longcare will turn 25 on October 22, before year ends. Runner up Brittany Lewis was crowned Miss Delaware Thursday.

News And Views--- June 28, 2014

*-- Uruguay's president Jose Mujica said Friday that four-month ban against star striker Luis Suarez for biting a World Cup opponent would become an "eternal Shame" on Footbll's history. Why Mr President! Is not it Eternal Shame for the player who did so and stamped a black spot in the history. The ban is less, he needed to be banned for a year or so. *--Saudi Arabia Airline became on Friday the third international airline to suspend its flights to Peshawar, after a Pakistan International Airlines plane was attacked by TTP. . Earlier Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways suspended their flights to and from Peshawar. *-- The Africa's Muslim team, Algeria has qualified for the round of 16, after draw with 1-1 against Russia on Friday.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cricketer Shoib Akhtar Secretly Married 20-Year-Old Rubab

according to news reports in Pakistan, former fast bowler has entered into matrimony with a young girl who hails from Haripur District in Pakistan. According to Pakistan's Tribune newspaper, the former cricketer tied the knot with 20-year-old Rubab in quite Nikkah ceremony earlier this week. It was gathering of a very few people and only close family members attended the wedding. The 39-year-old Rawalpindi Express had earlier this month denied reports of his plans to marry a teenager via Twitter account.

Interesting Fact About Americans

Though te United States of America is considered a book-friendly country but it is just a propaganda, the Americans have no interest in reading books. This interesting result was revealed in a research. According to the study of Bureau of Labour Statistics America citizens read a minute on the average and it is an average on total basis, otherwise the situation in the youth in regard is worst. If the young generation from 20 to 24 years of age spare 10 minutes for reading, whereas, people ageing from 25 to 34 spend only 8 minutes on reading. Similarly, 45 percent people of 17 years age admitted that they take trouble for a few minutes to open a book. This rate was 19 percent in 1984. More interesting thing is that Americans spent their time in sleeping, playing, eating and working. Due to having no interest in reading Americans are weak in general knowledge and majority of them do not know the names of their secretaries of state except that of US president, what to speak of having knowledge about international and current affairs.

Pakistan Got" Big Four" Status

According to a press release issued by Pakistan Cricket Board, International Cricket Council has give given Pakistan the status of "Big Four" in the ongoing meeting of ICC in Australian city Melbourne. While agreement about cricket series with India has also been decided. Both the Pakistan and India will play six series among which four will be played in India and two will be in Pakistan between 2015 to 2023. However, the extremists government of India and the terrorist Hindus will never allow its team to play in Pakistan and will make some lame excuses. Though the decision was made in the meeting of big three. After having the status of Big Four, Pakistan will receive 15 percent share of the total income for two years and Pakistan will get the biggest share of revenue after big three. However, announcement from ICC is yet awaited, in this regard.

US State Department Named Jamaat Ud Dawa As A " Foreign Terrorist Organisation"

US state department has named Pakistani charity group JuD as a 'foreign terrorist organisation, a status that freezes any assets that it has under US jurisdiction. Jamaat Ud Dawa is human charity but it is widely seen by Us as a front organization of Lashkare Tayaba, a Pakistani-based group accused of orchestrating of attacks in India, including 2008 Mambai attacks that killed 166 people. The designation comes as NATO troops in Afghanistan are drawing down and regional rivals Pakistan and India are competing with each other for influence with Kabul. Some fear the competition may spill into open conflict between the two nuclear-armed nations, who have fought three wars since independence.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Srinivasan Is Now ICC's New Chief

Suspended Indian Cricket Chief Narayanaswami Srinivasan was appointed on Thursday new chairman of ICC in the World's body annual conference. The powerful Indian industrialist despite being suspended by India's supreme court as country's cricket chief after being named in a damning report into corruption allegations in the Indian Premier League. Srinivasan was nominated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for global cricket top position and will take charge following ICC annual conference in Melbourne this weekend. "It is an honour to be confirmed as chairman of the International cricket Council" Srinivasan said. "I want to ensure that cricket retains and grows its popularity and that ICC plays a vital role in the global growth." Srinivasan was among 13 people named named in a report into corruption claims in the Indian Premier League T 20 competition, which has been embroiled in allegations of illegal betting and spot-fixing including against his son-in-law. Srinivasan's ascension to the head of ICC follows controversial changes last February to the governance of the global body which handed the majority of the powers and revenues to the sports' three "big nations"-- India, Australia and England.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Police Is Filing A Chargesheet Against Subhash Kapoor For Molesting Geetika Tyagi

The Mambai police are in the process of filing a chargesheet against director Subash Kapoor for allegedly molesting starlet Geetika Tyagi. Tyagi, a former journalist turned actress created furore after two good years after she was allegedly molested by the filmmaker and an accomplice. Tyagi who is also rumoured to be seeing filmmaker Atul Shabharwal of Aurangazeb fame, had initially filmed Kapoor in a video accepting his fault at the end of which she had also slapped him in the presence of his wife Dimple.

Wife Of Captain Of Missing Flight MH 370 Says He Spoke To Her From Cockpit

In a latest development that contradicts earlier report, the wife of one of the pilots onboard the missing MH370 flight has reportedly confirmed that her husband spoke to her from the cockpit, according to a report in the Independent. The report quotes two New Zealand journalist who claimed to spoke to the wife of captain. It was earlier reported that co-pilot had said the words," Good night Malaysia 370" and weeks later the airline had revealed that they were unsure as to who uttered those words.

Were Militants Allowed To Exit North Waziristan?

As BBC is anti-Pakistan and anti-Pak Army from the very beginning, there its most of the programs are full of poison against Pakistan. It is blaming Pak army referring 'some IDPs' that Pak army allowed high command militant to exit and is now killing common and peaceful people. While on he other hand military is claiming to kill more than 50 militants every day in operation Zar e Azb. BBC claims that due to thses speculations hatred is growing against the operation among the tribal people. It is now up to Pak army to clarify its position and make the people know about the actual reality on the ground.

Pakistani Scientist's Scientific Achievement

Hamid Zaman, a 36-year-old Pakistani Professor of Bostan University, USA has prepared an apparatus that can disclose the quality and standard of sub-standard drugs, in no time. The Invention of Pakistani Scientist 'Pharma check' has been appreciated by the Medical Journal 'The Scientific American'. According to Dr Hamid Zaman, the Pharma check has been invented to the medicines like anti-biotics, anti-malaria and anti-tubercolosis. The machine which costed $ one million will be used in Indonesia and Ghana in fits stage and it is expected to used in Pakistan too to check the quality of drugs. It is hoped that the dirty business of making fake drugs may get stopped by the used of Pharma Check.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sudan Court Freed Woman Sentenced For Changing Faith

A 27-year-old woman who was sentenced to death in Sudan last month for converting to Christianity from Islam was freed on Monday what the government said was "unprecedented" international pressure. Maryam Yahya IBrahim who is married to a Christian American was ordered by Sudanese court last month to return to Islam and was sentenced to 100 lashes and to death. Britain last month summoned Sudanese Charge d' Affairs to protest against the sentencing. The appeal court ordered the release of Mariam Yahya Ibrahim and cancellation of previous court ruling. "Maryam was sent to secret location for her protection, her lawyer said. Her family had been threatened and we are worried that someone might try to harm her, " her lawyer Muhaned Mustafa told Reuter. Maryam gave birth to a daughter in prison, her second child by her husband Daniel Wani whom she married in 2011.

Malicious Software Is Increasingly Making Its Way Into Mobile Phones

Security researchers say malicious software is making its way into mobile phones, through 'cloned' version of popular apps and software weaknesses in legitimate ones. McAfee labs said in its quarterly threat assessment that weaknesses in app security are becoming a growing problem for owners of mobile devices. In some cases, cybercriminals take advantage of the popularity of an app and create a clone which can extract personal data or even allow an attack to gain control of the device. This was the case with "Flappy Birds" a mobile game which saw a meteoric rise but later withdrawn by its creator. McAfee labs report say," some of the behaviour we found includes making calls without the permission of the user; sending, recording and receiving SMS messages, extracting contact data, and tracking geolocation. In the worst cases, malware gains root access, which allows uninhibited control of anything on the mobile device including confidential business information.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jale Berahimi Turns Heat Up For World Cup Presenters

The talk has been of the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and cameras have stayed focussed on some of the most beautiful fans in the stadiums across Brazil. However, Costa Rica's fairytale run in the World cup is accompanied by a good luck charm who is making a name for herself not for her broadcasting skills. Costa Rican broadcaster Jale Berahimi is fast becoming a sensation at the Brazil world Cup thanks in no small to her Twitter and instagram feed-- which has her relaxing in bikini by the beaches of Brazil.
Ex-England defender Rio Ferdinand seems to be a fan and Berahimi took a photo with him, a BBC pundit at the World Cup, that set a Twitter buzz at its way.
British TV viewers have not been slow to criticise the standard of BBC and its TV coverage of the World Cup so far.
The British press have been keeping track of the TV presenters covering the World Cup who are easier on the eye ( and ears).
Venessa and Ines have caught the eyes, both are covering the World Cup for Mexico. Then there is Brazilian journalists Roberta and Kay Murray for beIN Sports.

Malaysian Preacher Urges Muslim Women To Take Caution When Watching World Cup Matches

A Malaysian local preacher has urged Muslim women to take caution when watching World Cup matches, warning that watching players wearing shorts could be haram in Islam as 'zina' (adultery, fornication) of eye, an opinion other Muslim scholars do not agree with. "If a woman watches a football matches she indirectly sees the 'awrah' of the players", daud Che Ngah told Malay news portal Sinar Harian online. "Watching the 'awrah' until it causes sexual excitement can be categorised as 'zina' of the eye. preacher added. "Awrah, refers to the "Intimate body parts" that Muslim must cover; exposing these is considered sinful. For Muslim men their 'awrah' is the area between the navel and the knee. Modern footballers usually wear the shorts that end above the knee.

Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Take Trip To Mexico As Their Romance Heat Up

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young make one hot couple!. The chart-topping rapper and her NBA player boyfriend began dating in November 2013 and sources tell Us Weekly their romance is heating up. The "Fancy" performer celebrated her 24th birthday earlier this month and took a trip to Mexico with her beau in tow. The celebrity vacation fell after Azalea achieved major success previously seen by Beatles, when she earned No 1 and No 2 songs on the Billboard's hot 100 simultaneously.
Azalea's current relationship comes after a very public breakup with rapper A&AP Rocky.

Qadri May Face Threats Or Not But People Of Twin Cities Are In Great Trouble

Dr Tahir ul Qadri had arrived at Islamabad airport but government did not allow him to exit and his plane was diverted to Lahore. Whereas, Islamabad and Rawalpindi twin cities are completely sealed and people who had gone to Islamabad or from there to Rawalpindi have stranded due to blockages all the way. Security and intelligence agencies have reported security threats for Qadri if he travelled by road. Qadri may or may not have security threats but common man has no concerned with Qadri threats but the poor people are going for their jobs or labourers to work places who have lost today's earnings and may spend their night without meals. Qadri is enjoying protocol and requests from governor Punjab and CM Punjab to go staight to his house that he agreed with his private security and governor Punjab has reached Allama Iqbal airport to take him to home. Qadri also wants media to accompany him to his home. But, Qadri and government both have put the the people in trouble. Nawaz Sharif is doing the same as Musharaff did with him. There is no difference between both or the previous governments may be of PPP or PMN or martial law governments.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mobile Service In Islamabad And Rawalpindi Will Be Suspended

Government has decided to discontinue the mobile service in the twin cities of Islamabad and Pindi for 48 hours starting from Sunday Evening regarding the arrival of chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Dr Tahir ul Qadri. He will land on Islamabad airport at 6 am on Moday. While DC Rawalindi has imposed section 144 in the district and the roads leading to the airport have already been sealed. Can Nawaz Sharif recall the scene of his arrival to Pakistan during Parvez Musharrf regime whom he calls a dictator? Is this government democratic minded? The history is repeating itself? So it means there had never been democracy in Pakistan even in the tenure of elected governments but 'Hitlerism'. Mobile service will be suspended till Monday evening.

Opportunist Aamir Liaqat Hussain Quits Geo TV

The so called religious scholar and anchor person jumped in the new boat of "express News" after quitting trouble hit the biggest broadcasting organisation of the country Geo News. It is noteworthy that Dr Aamir Liaqat was working as vice president in GEO TV and has been hosting the most popular programs of the Geo TV channel like "Alam online", 'Aman Ramazan' and ' Imaam Ghar'. Aamir Liaqat Hussain was brought forward in place of Geo Tv's owner Mir Shakeel ur Rahman to resove the matter when Geo News was under the anger of Army after the attack on Hamid Mir due to running compaign against ISI chief General Zaheer ul Islam. Dr Aamir had been apologising to the nation and the Pak army in a well mannered and polite way. However, his sudden decision of quitting Geo news was wondering people. Sources say that Aamir Liaqat demanded Geo News to appoint him the president of the group but the incumbant president of the Geo News Imran Aslam refused to leave the office and Dr Aamir got angry on this issue. According to sources even after the restoration of Geo broadcasts cable operators ar still boycotting its telecasts. Therefore, Geo News is suffering from financial hardships. And the bigger activity during the holy month of Ramazan, the Aman Ramazan program is also going to affect negatively. It is said that the closure of Geo news as well that of Ramazan program was a shock to Aamir Liaqat and inspite of his utmost efforts the matters between army and Geo news could not be resolved, secondly refusal of making him president made Dr Aamir to give a blow to Geo News. Benefiting from the golden chance Express Media Group offered Dr Aamir the office of president of the organisation that he accepted. He will also be the group editor of religious affairs of the Daily Express. Sources told that the whole team of Ramazan transmission consisting of 40 members has also became the part of Express news. It is noteworthy that Dr Aamir has already left Geo news several times. The imprtant reason of quitting Geo news is that Express News has offered him double fee for the job e.i. ten million rupees while he was getting half of this amount in Geo media group. After quitting Geo News he is fully supporting military operation in NWA and naming 'Taliban' as insects and cockroaches, who are being killed in he operation.

Football-Mad Indian Couple

Their World Cup love affair began nearly three decades ago in Spain. Now 81-year-old Pannalal Chaterjee and his wife Chaitali, 72, are once more heading from cricket -mad India to the ultimate football fiesta. "This may be my last one, but I am so happy at getting the chance to watch a tournament in Brazil" Pannalal said during a stopover in Singapore on way to what will be couple's Ninth World Cup. Chatterjee who lives in eastern city of Kolkata are life-long football fans and Pannalal has been involved as volunteer administrator for the sport in eastern India since 1970s. Pannalal describes his love for the game as akin to an "addiction" while the wife is able to reel the dates, venues and stars of all the tournaments.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Qadri's Former Media Manager's Disclosures

Though the Blogger do not believe in the diclosures of so called "facts" about Dr Tahir Ul Qadri by his former media manager Raza Khan, because government is quite scared of him and fears from his return and all this may be the part of negative propaganda about Qadri. But for the interest and information of my audience I hereby give what Raza Khan has revealed on government's drummer, the PTV. According to Raza Khan he quit Qadri's companionship on the issue of financial matters and he added that he had seen people bowing to Qadri like to"Allah" in prayer in Europe. Talking in the PTV's program "Chautha Satoon" (Fourth pillar), he said that all the money contributed to Minhaj Ul quran is received through brookers not hrough banks. Raza Khan said all the contribution from Europe for the party come through Qadri's son and the person who contributed more more money is more close to Qadri. Qadri has distributed all the important offices of the party to his relatives. He said poor people like taxi drivers contributed for the party but he blamed that what was done by this money he had also observed. He accused that generators worth Rs two million each were being installed in his house using the contribution money and bullet proof vehicles were being purchased. These comic allegations are those that were being repeated blamed by politicians on each other. No one is going to believe it. Non Sense!

Luck Is With Her--Yesterday's TV Newscaster Is The Queen Of Spain Today

King Felipe VI was crowned sovereign of Spain in Madrid on Thursday and was joined by his wife, now queen Letizia and their daughters Leonor and Sifia, princesses of Asturias.
Felipe, 46, attended the throne after his father Juan Carlos, 72, who abdicated on June 2, after a reign of 39-years.
Felipe's new role as king is largely ceremonial. He was given the title Thursday without coronation but during a special joint session of Spain's parliament, according to World Now. His mother, the former Queen Sofia attended but his father did not. No foreign royals made the scene. King Juan Carlos oversaw Spain's transition to democracy in 1990s. but his most most recent years on the throne were tainted by scandals. Many Spaniards still call for the abolition of monarchy. Queen Letizia, 41, formerly Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, a commoner started dating Felipe in 2002. She was a journalist and a TV presenter who earned Madrid Press Association's Lara Award for most accomplished journalist younger than 30. Letizia was previously married for a year, but she and her first husband divorced in 1999. She quit her work in 2003, days before Felipe and she announced their engagement and just she had been promoted to an anchor position. As a news anchor person Letizia had been presenting the news about 9/11 from Washington and also. Two years later the attack on
Iraq were also presented by her. She also stayed in Basra for some time and experienced to hide the head like Muslim women.

Rana Sana Ullah Resigned As Punjab Law Minister

Rana Sana Ullah has resigned as Punjab Law Minister after Punjab Chief Mister Shahbaz Sharif asked him to do so, over Model Town tragedy. Principal secretary Dr Tauqir was also removed from his office. CM said he will not hesitate to offer any sacrifice for the transparent investigation of the tragedy, in which nine people lost their lives. Punjab government sources said Rana Mashhood, provincial minister for education and sports is likely to make law minister. However, Rana did not resigned voluntarily, but Shahbaz Sharif had summoned his resignation. There is no tradition in Pakistan of submitting resignation by ministers over mistakes or any untoward incident taking place in the ministries or by the staff under them.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Muslim Footballers In Brazil World Cup 2014

the Brazil 2014 World Cup has kicked off early this week with an abundance of Muslim players dotting the football landscape. Being an integral part of football, Muslim players starring in their different teams from across the globe in the month-long tournament are expected to draw much attention of the spectators with their special performance. here are the names of some Muslim stars participating in the International Tournament. *-- Xherdan Shaqiri:-
The 22-year-old Xherdan Shaqiri will represent Swiss national team during Brazil 2014 World Cup. Born in Yugoslavia from Albanian origin, the Muslim footballer plays as midfielder for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliqa.Since his breakthrough into the Basel's first team, the left-footed midfielder has drawn widespread praise for his speed, both on and off the ball. Shaqiri won the 2012-13 UEFA Champions league title with Mayern in late May, as well as the Bundesliqa and DFB Pokal title. making him one of the Bayern Munich players to have won the treble. *-- Moussa Sissoko:- The 24-year-old Muslim plater, who hails from Malian family, will be playing for the French squad as a midfielder in World Cup 2014. With 17 international caps, the own playing style French Muslim has started playing football at very young age, joining
Toulouse club's first team at the age of 17. Other Muslim Footballer who are participating 2014 world cup include Marouane Fellain, the Belgian midfielder, Wakaso Mubarak, the Ghanina professional footballer, Barary Sagna, the Muslim Senegalese footballer and Vincent Aboubakar, one of the best Cameroonian player in history.