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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lame Excuses of the Government

The Prime Minister of Pakistan seems will never write letter to Swiss court to open cases against President. But may cull out some of the minsters and a few bureaucrats. Though Supreme Court has given some 2 weeks relief to Government but the decision of the PrimeMinister House will be the same. It is well known that flood activities or any other activities are hindering him to prepare summary. Al are just lame excuses. It means that there is fear of a great change in the country that is obvious from the meeting of 3 important personnel's. It also seems visible to have some interim government and then nation may go to mid term elections.It is a badluck the poor nation. The world may receive a message , if all happens that democracy is no cure for the chronically sick nation. The failure of the democracy may fall on the shoulders of politicians. And corruption in the country is the main reason.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Non Implementation of Supreme Courts Decisions

Supreme Court of Pakistan on many corruption issues like, NRO's out of the way promotions to higher posts, head of OGDC and on other issues have given decisions but government is paying no attention to implement all these. Though some of them have been done but in those cases where its own interest is not involved. In the case of NRO government is proceeding slowly and saying that president has exemption. Chief Justice has on many occasions have warned the govt to act upon and also said that Prime Minister is a wise man and understands the refusal results of the Court's verdicts. There is going to be a severe clash and seems there may be a great changes in the system . Government 's decision in all walks of life are wrong and corrupt people are promoted or employed to important posts like Director General for Haj. Now government's own ministers are objecting the decision of govt like Abdul Qayyyum Jatoi who has been forced to resign May Allah save my Nation from the politicians like present ones.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Imprisnment To Dr Aafia

American have expressed their hatred and enemity as well as dirty mentality against Muslims and have sentenced Dr Aafia for 86 years imprisonment that in many countries murders would not get. On other hand the cowardly leaders of Pakistan did not ask the USA to hand over her to Pakistan under the International agreements that would allow the respective country to get back their prisoners in other countries to trial in their courts. This is beacause Muslim blood is too cheap while American is highly precious. They kill billions of Muslims for any less numbers of Americans if killed some where. How a weaker woman like DR Aafia could hold a gun and shoot an American thatr did not die and she was sentenced as she killed hundreds of USA citizens. This is only because Muslims all over the world are afraid of USE lest their rulership may go and are saving their selves. Pakistani rulers can allow USA and NATO to kill Pakistanis any where thru drone attacks or thru any meran but did not even try to return Aafia to Pakistan. THe cowardly nations of Arabiamn countris are supporting the weak economy of USA by purchasing arms from USA worth 123 billion dollars to save arms factories of their country from collapsing. But they did say a word for releasing Aafia. What an irony on the part of MUslim UMMA.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Threats to Superior Judges

It has been reported in the print as well as electronic media that Khawaja Sharif Chief Justice of Lahore High court and his family has been threatened as well as other judges too in Pakistan It is very sad and alarming situation. Government is doing nothing for the safety of the judges. The reason is known to all Pakistanis that courts have given decision on so many issues thru Sou moto actions and decision that is not acceptable to many Elites of the country. Because those are the beneficiaries of NRO and involved in many corruption cases. Like due to the fake degrees detection HEC has been deprived of the funds . Which will affect thousands of the students within and outside the country. Same is the situation with the courts. There fore Chief Justice of Supreme Court has asked the Government whether she wants the courts to carry out their work or not? What is happening in Pakistani. Does this whole conditions and situations are not leading the country to a revolution? Government is not helping the flood affectees but going to construct a Memorial for Bay Nazir the late. Government is spending lavishly on President and PM house but urging and appealing UN and other nations to help n donate money for the flood hit people. What an irony? how unfortunate the people of Pakistan are.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A new corruption scandal

Where Pakistan is suffering of a natural calamity of floods and millions of people have been homeless and more than this r surrounded by waters n and also pray to diserases, A new corruption sacandal of cricket has struck the nation. As whole organization , management of each and every instituition of the state is the same or more or less involved in unfair means of collecting money. Nation spends millions of rupees on cricketers in the shape of allowances , dailies salaries and all other facilities still they are greedy to earn money thru fixing the matches. Most of them belong to poor families and villages they never have enjoyed luxurient blife so they fell pray to bukkies. and match fixers. But must have to save the fame of country and nation. It seems they have no respect for nation. Cricket must be banned in pakistan and Hockey and Foot ball be promoted . This game is the remainants of our slavery under Britishers and the nations who were colonies of britishers play this game. No other countries like this time wasting game.