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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli's Latest Brutality

Israel is the only state in the world that neither pays any attention to nor respects any human norms. It rejects all the resolutions of UN and continues killings of innocent Palestinians. The latest cruel act of attacking the Freedom Flotilla is the worst example of brutality. But it is her nature. What would the world community do , only orocessions, protests, slogans against Israel . Will it return the lives of innocent and unarmed people of the Freedome Flate. Can USA do something no and never because Israel is backed by her. She will continue doing so in future.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do More for Pakistan

Washington Post reports that USA is planning to attack Pakistan , if in future any terrorist activity is carried out from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Pakistan is a front line ally of USA in curbing the curse of terrorism , though it itself is suffering a lot due to this menace. Actually, from the beginning, Pakistan became an atomic power Israel is behind the nuclear installations of Pakistan . The Jewsish lobby in USA is so strong that its administration can not afford to refuse any plan by this lobby. It is clear that whether any terrorist comes from tribal areas of Pakistan or not one DAy Pakistan will have to suffer by the hands of its Master for whom Pakistan is crushing people by price hike, non availability of electricity , water and many neccessities of life. Because IMF and World bank runs the policiies of USA. Pakistani rulers know all this but they have to do nothing for the people though they claim to be by the people and for the people Allah Bless the perople of Pakistan. If Pakistan does not stop the logistic facilities to NATO fortces , it will have to face the threats every day by USA.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Terrorism in Lahore

The worst terrorist's activity in lahore after a long span of time shook the country and the people of Pakistan are in shock. Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are against the terrorism and its security forces are having long operations against the terrorists. Pakistan security forces have successfully launched this operation n have many successes in curbing this menace. But, our worst enemy always thinks to defame Pakistan in the world and wants to destroy its image and likes to project Pakistan as a weaker state that can not protect its Nuclear assets n installations. India always wants USA to attack Pakistan nuclear installations n capture them. All this was done by RAW and the paid terrorists of India. Pakistan 's slave rulers will never point out all these activities carried out against Pakistan because they are beggers and begggers can not utter a single world agains cruelity against them selves. Because thet fear that USA will stopp aid n will feel bad.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Terrorism:Another Drama

Terrorism is increasing in the world now a days, no dobt, but the USA particularly brings to light an video or audio of Osama or his second in commond , when there are elections or restlessness increases in the country. If wants to get more funds from congress this game is repeated again. Former President Bush Junior was expert in these dramas. Now USA wants Pakistan to start operation against terrorist in North Waziristan , and arreested Faisal Shahzad alleging of blasts in Time Square. But, Pakistan itself has suffered a lot by the terrorism , the operation may be done but when it is deemed suitable for Pakistan Because if it engages its forces on many fronts , the task will not be successful n terrorism may blast in pakistani cities n kill innocent people.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Phool aur Kankar: Parvez Musharraf VS Asif Zardari

Phool aur Kankar: Parvez Musharraf VS Sif Zardari

Phool aur Kankar: Parvez Musharraf VS Asif Zardari

Phool aur Kankar: Parvez Musharraf VS Asif Zardari

Parvez Musharraf VS Sif Zardari

Pakistani politicians can not live with out power . They consider their lives useless if they are not in Government n power is not in their hands. Those who are in opposition always try to throw out the Government. The result is that army takes over n those neglected politicians n all those hungry for power gather around military personnel n dictator. Parvez Musharrraf was also given a chance in the same way. He rules for near a decade and Maulana Fazal Rahman n other religious leaders paved his way to rule the country for a long time. He was ruling nicely as compared to so called democratic government in Pakistan. His two mistakes caused his over throw one the controversy of Lal Masjid and other Expelling the judges including Chief Justice. But , nearly most of them were those who took oath under PCO. There is no difference between the government of Musharraf n Zardari's rather formers was gud. Less load shedding, less price hike, less disturbances. Pakistan is not a suitable state for democracy because illiteracy rate is very high . Only dictatorship suits Pakistan.c

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blockage of Facebook and You Tube

Pakistan has blocked the above two sites. In my opinion that is correctly to be done , when the owners of these sites will be deprived of thousands of dollars revenues, then they will come into senses that to injure the feelings of Muslims how much costs to them. Is not it an intellectual terrorism? Why people in west do like this . Because they know Muslims are weaker n mostly slaves of their governments will do nothing. But the muslims all over the world can not tolerate s insulting artoons or sketches. Now, the planner of all this has apologised to Muslims . This was only due to the pressure of site owners who could lose their income.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What a Woderful Democracy

No where in the world and no person in the world would have seen and observed the "real" democracy working in Pakistan. It is suggested that those countries still learning to practice democracy in their country must learn from the "wonderful" democracy of Pakistan. Many of the persons sitting in the Assemblies either are sentenced under NAP or are defaulters or alleged for corruption. But , they get amnesty like Rahaman MAlik or Upgraded to higher public offices like Babar Awan. Would other country get lessons how the "wonderfull" democracy is carried out in this country?



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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Phool aur Kankar: Democracy In Pakistan

Phool aur Kankar: Democracy In Pakistan

Phool aur Kankar: Diplomatic Relations with Israel

Phool aur Kankar: Diplomatic Relations with Israel

Diplomatic Relations with Israel

The pakistanis are the nation that have sympathy for all the muslims in the world, specially those muslims who are suffering due to cruelity, fights, attacks and killings by other neighboring states. e.g. Palestine and Kashmir. Every time they are attacked or innocent people are killed Pakistanis protest against that. But, when Pakistan has some problem with neighboring countries other muslim countries do not show that much owness as pakistanis do except verbal favor. However some muslim brotherly countries are exceptions to this like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel just due to Israelis attacks on innocent Palestinians, but what can we do except moral support. But several Arabian countries have relations and are friends to Israel. If Pakistan's Foreign Minister shakes hands with any Israeli Minister here is great protest against this. But why Pakistan is not having diplomatic relations with Israel, if Pakistan has relations of trade or diplomatic relation she can do some good for Palestinians while, having no ties with Israel have no benefit to Palestinians. Ok Mosad can spy for its country , are Pakisnis so weak that they will allow to do so. Pakistan never gave up her diplomatic relarions with India even during wars, why not with Israel. .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phool aur Kankar: Terrorism is a Big Curse

Phool aur Kankar: Terrorism is a Big Curse

Terrorism is a Big Curse

Those people who are killing innocent women, children, old and young; destroying and damaging private and public buildings are not human beings, no doubt. They are wild forest beasts who no know nothing except shedding the blood of human being. They have no faith; they are neither Muslims nor they belong to any religion; They are only terrorists. But what about the blood shed in Afghanistan, Iraq , Palestine, and Kashmir. Who is killing the innocent people? What is the difference between the two categories. Can they be called human beings?

Democracy In Pakistan

Pakistan's government as well as spokesmen of the government are always claiming of democracy in the country. But, where is the democracy? Are the political parties practicing democracy in their parties? Is not the leadership inherited in Pakistan. Taking from Jamat e Ulmae Islam to Muslim league ANP, PPP, and all others parties have they ever conducted elections within parties , if done that could not be claimed as fair. Bcz it was alrady decided that the leadership will be handed over to the former leader. Pakistani leadership worships USA not the public do so , but they never want to copy the democratic ways of England or USA. How a country having 25 % literacy rate can have a democratic govenment n parliament. Where members having fake degrees are sitting. If our politicians can not learn the honesty from other countries they must learn democracy from other even smaller countries.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Help me plz

I want to write articles and coluns in Urdu. I do not know how can I upload InPage here to write in urdu. Can Any body help me in this regard.
Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir


My name is Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir. I belong to Dera Ismail Khan (NWFP) , now named as Khyber Pakhtoon Khah.