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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Terrorism in Lahore

The worst terrorist's activity in lahore after a long span of time shook the country and the people of Pakistan are in shock. Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are against the terrorism and its security forces are having long operations against the terrorists. Pakistan security forces have successfully launched this operation n have many successes in curbing this menace. But, our worst enemy always thinks to defame Pakistan in the world and wants to destroy its image and likes to project Pakistan as a weaker state that can not protect its Nuclear assets n installations. India always wants USA to attack Pakistan nuclear installations n capture them. All this was done by RAW and the paid terrorists of India. Pakistan 's slave rulers will never point out all these activities carried out against Pakistan because they are beggers and begggers can not utter a single world agains cruelity against them selves. Because thet fear that USA will stopp aid n will feel bad.

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