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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diplomatic Relations with Israel

The pakistanis are the nation that have sympathy for all the muslims in the world, specially those muslims who are suffering due to cruelity, fights, attacks and killings by other neighboring states. e.g. Palestine and Kashmir. Every time they are attacked or innocent people are killed Pakistanis protest against that. But, when Pakistan has some problem with neighboring countries other muslim countries do not show that much owness as pakistanis do except verbal favor. However some muslim brotherly countries are exceptions to this like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel just due to Israelis attacks on innocent Palestinians, but what can we do except moral support. But several Arabian countries have relations and are friends to Israel. If Pakistan's Foreign Minister shakes hands with any Israeli Minister here is great protest against this. But why Pakistan is not having diplomatic relations with Israel, if Pakistan has relations of trade or diplomatic relation she can do some good for Palestinians while, having no ties with Israel have no benefit to Palestinians. Ok Mosad can spy for its country , are Pakisnis so weak that they will allow to do so. Pakistan never gave up her diplomatic relarions with India even during wars, why not with Israel. .

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