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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do More for Pakistan

Washington Post reports that USA is planning to attack Pakistan , if in future any terrorist activity is carried out from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Pakistan is a front line ally of USA in curbing the curse of terrorism , though it itself is suffering a lot due to this menace. Actually, from the beginning, Pakistan became an atomic power Israel is behind the nuclear installations of Pakistan . The Jewsish lobby in USA is so strong that its administration can not afford to refuse any plan by this lobby. It is clear that whether any terrorist comes from tribal areas of Pakistan or not one DAy Pakistan will have to suffer by the hands of its Master for whom Pakistan is crushing people by price hike, non availability of electricity , water and many neccessities of life. Because IMF and World bank runs the policiies of USA. Pakistani rulers know all this but they have to do nothing for the people though they claim to be by the people and for the people Allah Bless the perople of Pakistan. If Pakistan does not stop the logistic facilities to NATO fortces , it will have to face the threats every day by USA.

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