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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Parvez Musharraf VS Sif Zardari

Pakistani politicians can not live with out power . They consider their lives useless if they are not in Government n power is not in their hands. Those who are in opposition always try to throw out the Government. The result is that army takes over n those neglected politicians n all those hungry for power gather around military personnel n dictator. Parvez Musharrraf was also given a chance in the same way. He rules for near a decade and Maulana Fazal Rahman n other religious leaders paved his way to rule the country for a long time. He was ruling nicely as compared to so called democratic government in Pakistan. His two mistakes caused his over throw one the controversy of Lal Masjid and other Expelling the judges including Chief Justice. But , nearly most of them were those who took oath under PCO. There is no difference between the government of Musharraf n Zardari's rather formers was gud. Less load shedding, less price hike, less disturbances. Pakistan is not a suitable state for democracy because illiteracy rate is very high . Only dictatorship suits Pakistan.c

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