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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Democracy In Pakistan

Pakistan's government as well as spokesmen of the government are always claiming of democracy in the country. But, where is the democracy? Are the political parties practicing democracy in their parties? Is not the leadership inherited in Pakistan. Taking from Jamat e Ulmae Islam to Muslim league ANP, PPP, and all others parties have they ever conducted elections within parties , if done that could not be claimed as fair. Bcz it was alrady decided that the leadership will be handed over to the former leader. Pakistani leadership worships USA not the public do so , but they never want to copy the democratic ways of England or USA. How a country having 25 % literacy rate can have a democratic govenment n parliament. Where members having fake degrees are sitting. If our politicians can not learn the honesty from other countries they must learn democracy from other even smaller countries.

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