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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Senior Leadership Of MQM Has Been Arrested By Rangers In Karachi

Rangers have detained Farooq Sattar, Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan, Amir Khan and Sajid Ahmad of MQM. Rangers also raided Amir Liaqat's office on II Chaundigar road and took MQM's leader in to custody. All the leaders have been shifted to Rangers headquarter in heavy security. Hours after raids on Media Houses of MQM, its MPA Irum Azeem Farouqui announced to resign from the MPA seat and from the party. Announcing the resignation she said she could not tolerate anyone chanting against their own country for political reasons. Army chief has ordered DG Rangers Maj Gen Bilal Akbar to arrest the perpetrators behind the unrest in Karachi. MQM workers clashed with police and attacked TV channels for nor giving enough coverage to their hunger strike. MQM is the party whose torture cells were recovered during Nawaz Shareef's previous regime and Jinnah Pur maps were recovered but due to political and personal interests no acttion was taken. At present only Pak army is fighting against the terrorism and Zar e Hazb is continued to eliminate terrorism. However, as far as political leaders are concerned no one is on the back of army except the public. Goverment intentionally or unintentionally is not implementing National Action Plan rather hinderances are created in the way of Pak Army. Gen Raheel is the man of principals, otherwise no other gen would have tolerated all difficulties and troubles created by political leadership that has no sympathy with masses except Pak Army whose loves the nation and the land.

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