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Monday, August 15, 2016

Cyber Crimes Bill, Will It Work In True Sense Or Be Used To Crush Opponents And Critics Of Government?

There are many many laws and rules approved by assemblies, but are these used for the benefit of the people? Or crushed under the toes of the big bosses ans masters of Pakistan, like traffic rules and laws and blockage of the roads to facilitate the VIPs and leave the people for hours to die on roads. So will be the the fate of cyber crime bill that will only benefit the the government to ban people to write against any big guns on Facebook or Twitter. If it is used in its true sense , it is very nice, if not then then it will prove worst for writers on Facebook or Twitter or bloggers. It is better in the sense if it can stop and punish those opening pages on Facebook or Twitter with fake IDs and sharing pictures or other material without the consent of the owner.

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