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Monday, August 29, 2016

Julian Assange Warns Hillary Clinton To Release New Significant Documents Concerning Democratic Presidential Candidate

Founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has warned that his anti-secrecy compaign will release new documents concerning Democratic presidential candidate Hillar Clinton which could be "significant" for the election. Assange, who has been sheltering in Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, while fighting extradition, said Wikileaks was combing through thousands of pages of material. A variety of documents from various institutions that are associated with the election compaign had yielded " some quite unexpected angles that are quite interesting and some even entertaining", he said. He said the documents would " absolutely" be released before the November 8 election. When asked whether the leaks would be game changer for the vote, he said, "I think it is significant, it depends how it catches fire in the public and in the media". Ahead of Democratic National Convention last month, Wikileaks released 20,000 emails gleaned by the hackers who apparently raided the seven DNC leaders. The emails showed nominally neutral party staff trying to undermine Democratic candidate Bernie Sander's compaign and caused the resignation of Democratic party leader Debbie Wasserman Shcultz. "In the case of the DNC leaks for example, we pushed as fast as we could to try and get it in before the Democratic National Conference, because obviously people had a right to understand who is it that they are nominating and same is true for US electoral process." assange said. The anti-secrecy compaigner is wanted in Sweden over a 2010 rape but fears that he could be extradited to United States to be tried over publication of hundred of thousand of classified documents.

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