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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Blond Celebrity Became TV Sensation By Smashing Things With Silicon Breasts (Video)

Busty heart certainly brings new meanings to the phrase 'cracking melons'! With each bafflingly big boob weighing in at a whooping nine kilos, the 47-year-old Susan Sykes, could prabably knock out Mike Tyson. She appeared on Spanish TV show, Dande esta Corazon' to prove that large fruits were no match for her large breasts. **--
A widow, Sandi, 26, of Sydney Australia has had her dead husband's ashes sewn in to her breast implants--so that he could stay close to her heart. **--
Israeli model Orit Fox has unwittingly killed a snake after it bit on her surgically-enhanced breasts and died of silicon poisoning. Fox was handling the tame snake on Spanish Tv when she attempted to lick its face, evidently finding it rather provocative, snake reacted badly, clamping down on her ample chest.

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