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Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Weirdest Stories About Menstruation

**-- The night she was set to run her very first Matathon, Kiran Gandhi got her period. After a year of training she refused to miss momentous mement because of biology. She had two choices-- she could run the 26.2 miles with a tampoon or she could bleed freely. She chose the later. Kiran went without a tampoon during the London Marathon in April 2015 to fight period-shaming. She wanted to a stand for women around the globe who have no access to menstrual products or who have to hide (their periods) away like it does not exist. *--
When Hawaii-based artist Lani Beloso titled her art series The Period Piece she meant it-literally. As a lontime sufferer of menorrhagia, Beloso often remarked that it was astonishing she did not bleed to death each month, Curios to the amount of blood that actually came out of her, she sat over a convas during her menstrual period. This was the beginning of The Period Piece, a project in which Beloso, a painter/photographer created 13 convases with her blood, representing a year's worth of cycles. She collected blood for the entire project and then utilised within each piece. Each painting reflects the mood and location of its creation.
*-- In 2014, tired of feeling ashamed and ostracised by society for their periods, a group of Spanish female performance artists made a public statement by wearing white pants covered with blood stains. The street performance titled "Sangre Menstrual" (literally translated as ' Menstrual Blood' ) is a protest against the patriachal system that oppress women during menstruation. Menstruating women are viewed as uncleaned since biblical times. The group aims to "reclaim female body and free normal bodily functions from shame and judgement".

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