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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Former Cricket Captain Wasim Akram Was Attacked In Karachi

Former captain National Cricket Team Wasim Akram was attacked in Karachi on Karsaz Road near National stadium,but he was safe. A car stopped his way and a person from the car fired on him. He noted the registration number of the car and handed it over to police. He said that attacker seemed an official and looked trained but Allah saved him. He filed a report in Karachi police station. He said that when he was not safe in Karachi who hopes to be safe. According to the latest news police has recovered the car whose number was noticed by Wasim Akram. Police raided two houses in Phase II of defence, but the vehicle recovered was not in use since lat month. Either Wasim Akram noted wrong number or tge registration plate was fake. The number noted by Wasim was AEG 061.

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