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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mustafa Kamal Will Reveal Some Facts About Altaf Hussain

Former city Nazim of Karachi Mustafa Kamal decided to expose Altaf Hussain the chief of MQM. Altaf has got mad and does not know what to do. Some times he decides to resign from the leadership of the party and this he has done and cancelled his decision for hundered and one times. Some times he announce to hold referendum on website whether to leave as chief of the party and again within twenty four hours ends pools. It is astonishing that how people follow him, he is totally gone crazy. His senses are not working. Some times he invites India and NATO to rescue Muhajirs and then he announces to 'bestowe' him Muhajir province. Is this the talk of a sensible man. His better place is mental hospital or at least jail. The person who takes funds from India, how can be loyal to Pakistan? According to social media reports, Mustafa Kaal will hold an important press conference in Islamabad, and will expose Altaf the chief of MQM and other senior leaders in front of the nation. Mustafa Kamal will also announce to join new political party in the press conference. The former senator left the party on growing issues with Altaf and other leaders. After leaving MQM Mustafa joined malik Riaz's Bahria Town.

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