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Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Celebrities Who Went Crazy Over Their Fame

Fame and fortune are just things most of us crave for. However,admiring celebrity crushes and people often tend to forget that they are as human as we are. Constantly being followed around by papparazzi, legally bound by thousands of content contracts and receiving more money than can actually handle, most celebs go crazy from time to time. And while some do funny dance on Ellen show and others take crazy selfies on rooftops, and other stars just go totally out of mind over their fame. Making some people to question why would they act like that and making fan speculation run wild, here are some celebrities who have totally gone out of their minds over their fame and fortune. *-- Demi Lavato:- There are a number of Disney child stars turned prodigies, who went crazy over their fame as they have matured under the spotlight. However, what most people do not know is the seemingly innocent Demi Lavato had a break down of her own. While on tour with Jonas Brothers, the actress suffered from a nervous break down, quitting the tour, she checked herself into a treatment facility in the fall of 2010, later stating that her manager and parents pulled her aside for intervention before things go out of hand.
*-- Maryline Monroe::- While our younger audience may not be that closely familiar with the infamous sex symbol Maryline Monroe, those of age know her not only for sex appeal but for her constant breakdowns. The Hollywood actress was admitted to hospital for paranoid schezopherenia when she was eight years old. Once famous, the actress had numerous breakdowns most notably on the set of Misfit in 1962. Her meltdown continued in the following years, getting worse until Marylin was found dead in home in Brentwood, California in in the summer of 1962. *-- Amanda Bynese:-
Famous as a kid, teen and as an adult, Amanda had also had numerous breakdowns at different stages of her life. The actress most famous for her work in She is The Man and What I like About You, has not starred in movies or TV series since 2010. However,that did not stop her making headlines, as her crazy psycho induced moments are worthy of a top list of their own. Driving under the influence and tweeting to the President about it, getting kicked out of gym halfway through a spin class is just every day life for her. *-- Britney Spears:
The story of a famous teen gone crazy under the spotlight of fame is quite a trend in LA. However, let us talk about a far more familiar case- the mental breakdown of Britney Spears. Once a cute little teen with school uniform singing a pop song stuck in the minds of many. Britney suddently went crazy, shaved her head and started acting completely insane. Her erratic erratic behaviour resulted in in constant media coverage and most though her career to be dead. But actress did manage to put her mind together and and got on the pop scene with hits like Womanizer and I Wanna go.

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