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Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA Deserves to be Super Power

The President of the USA has removed General Mc Crystal engaged in heading the NATO forces in Afghan war. Though the views general expressed are not only hid thinking but views of all the army indulge in war against Taliban. Because this useless war will never end and the loss of USA army personnel will increase day by day and the result will be be expulsion of forces from Afghanistan like USSR did. The decision of removing the general from active service is a bold step that can nor be practiced by other countries. In Pakistan specially can President or Pm do so. Once Nawaz Sharid practiced this and suffered a lot. Army in Pakistan is blamed to capture the power of civil government but civil government would never look at her deeds when they are overthrown. Corruption is the main cause of revolutions like this in Pakistan.Those politicians who are not in power invite military to take over. So military dictatorship is the result of misdeeds of the civil governments . Military has to save and rescue the country this is its mandate. As their serve the nation in any calamity so they do in mis governace of the government.If civil government uproots the corruption in higher ups then army will never come to rule. CAN THEY DO?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Has Any Government Like This Right to Rule?

Since the present Government of Pakistan has started ruling the country, the poor of the "Richest" state have become the poorest while, the rulers have become the richest persons by occupying all the resources that belong to the pours. Every day one family along with innocent kids are going to commit suicide due to poverty and hunger. But rulers do not care. Because they have no time except collecting the money rather snatching the money and depositing in foreign banks and leaving the public on the mercy of World bank and IMF. Because after expiry of the term of the government they do not have to live in poor country that would have nothing then. The rich PM his cabinet members and Pm's ad visors have spent during the last fiscal year Rupees 5.85 billion on foreign tours , entertaining the foreign delegates and their personal guests out of the national exchequer. Prime Minister has spent 1.12 billion rupees on foreign tours,while on the entertainment of the guests and other expenditures has spent 0.41 million rupees daily. Similarly, Federal ministers under the TA DA head have spent 2.52 B rupees and the daily average expenditure amounts to .1 M.While PM spends million of rupees daily, on the other hand every Pakistani citizen spends Rs. 160 daily and usually each family consists of 3-6 members. In other words every minister of Pm's of so-called "democratic government" is spending .1 to 1.5 M daily. AND PEOPLE ARE DYING OF HUNGER . Is there any Wonderful government like this In the World?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Amn Ki Asha

Every Nation in the world and every person on earth wants peace in the world , so that all the resources in the soil can be put to work for well -being of humanity. Same is true of the people of Pakistan to remain in peace having no frights between Pakistan and India. But some people in Pakistan are so eager that they want peace on the sacrifice of Kashmir cause and to agree on the terms of India. While India wants no wart only trade between the two states and exchange of cultural exchange like exchange of actors, singers and to capture and dominate the Islamic culture of Muslims. Some people are so eager that they want peace on any cost so that they can freely go to India. India denies any talks regarding kashmir and continues killings of Innocent kashmiris. Our leaders are sailfish that they know India is cheating and resumes basic talks that were left years b4 due to minor excuse. Knowing that Pakistan will be happy after 10 years to resume talks from the point left years back. Our leaders are deceiving own people while India is working in the benefit of her own. What a contrast?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gas Pipeline from Iran to Pakistan

Previously two countries, Pakistan and India had to sign agreement for gas pipe line from Iran via Pakistan to India. But, India excluded itself from the agreement pretending to be high rates of gas, while actually USA would have already told India that Security Council will approve sanctions on Iran , and India must not sign agreement. But , after all when Pakistan and Iran have signed for the gas pipeline on which the work was about to start, Richard Halbrooke has warned Pakistan not to take quick action and be careful and wait in implementing the agreement. USA , though claims to be a partner of Pakistan on curbing terrorism, but it leaves no chance to harm and damage Pakistan's image. Pakistan will be in hot water if she acts on the agreement will be warned by USA to stop the work if it does not take action then still will be in trouble because its most important issue is the shortage of electricity and people are in great trouble. The impression of so called democratic government will also be negative.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are They Ashamed Of ?

Several members out of nearly 400 Parliamentarians that are representing the 180 million people in the National Assembly of Pakistan, have been alleged with having fake degrees. Most of them confessed and were proved of having fake degrees. What message the world would be receiving from this act? The Assembly whose half of the members have bogus degrees representing the whole country must be thought of being like these members. corrupt, dishonest, insincere to state people;e and nation. In corruption we are already beating the records and our members are not ashamed of all the fake degrees ? Can a country like ours get an honorable place in the world community?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muslims are too Weak to Act Independently

All muslim states all over the world are too weak and dependent on west that they even ask USA and Uk to fill their their bellies even if they are dying of hunger and starvation. What a merciful condition Muslims are living in. It is only due to differences and not gathering on a platefarm and endeavoring jointly for their welfare. Israel backed by USA will never allow any muslim neighbor to build a nuclear power plant for peaceful purposes. BE ONE, BE ONE AND GET INTO ONE MUSLIM WORLD, BE MUSLIM BROTHERS, BE UNITED TO HAVE THE RIGHT OF EXISTENCE , OTHERWISE YOU ARE GOING TO DIMINISH FROM THE GLOBE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

International Rd Cross Against Gaza Blockade

International community now realized the cruelity and brutality of Israel.International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said that the blockade of Gaza is clear violation of the humanarian law. The situation is Gaza is very dire and blockade must be lifted. The punishment is given to whole population of the Gaza while all of the population is not attacking the Israelis. Befire this only MUslims called for lifting of blockade but no world community gave any attention. After the attack by Israelis on Flotilla has diverted the attention of the world to the real situastion of the civilians in the area. THe only USA and Britians are backing the Israeli stte due to which several resolution of SEcurity Council have been vetoed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Santions Against Iran

Security Council having members from UE and The USA has imposed santions on IRan. But, the courageous leader of Iran has rightly rejected their decision. Iran has all the rights to make nuclear installations for peaceful purposes , but the pet of USA , is scared from Iran. While, it has already backed by USA who has vetoed 32 times the resolutions of Security council and Israel throws all UN resolutions in the dust bin Now Iran will do so. But a slave of USA , Pakistan has not clearly opposed the resolution while Turkey and Brazil has. This is the difference between Free and Independent states and the "Begger States"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Israel takes control of another aid-ship

Israel has blocked another aid ship Rachel Corrie taking food items to the people of Gaza Blockade area. Israel does not know humanitarian feelings, itwants to pull out all the Palestinians and capture the whole Palestine. This is only due to the backing of USA and Brittan. Before Muslims only protested against the brutalities of Israel , but now the whole world came to know that Israel has no norms no moral values and she will crush any nation coming his way. Same is true of India who has similar killings of innocent Kashmiris. Both states are the chips of the same bundle.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NRO and Pakistan's Judiciary

All the decision made by Supreme court of Pakistan about NRO are correct , justified and according to the Constituition of Pakistan. But, those affectees and beneficiaries of NRO are accepting the decisions. If these were given by any apex court of the world would have been the fate of the decisions like Pakistani rulers and those in power are negating. Any allegation if against any minister in the developed and democrtic world comes they usually resign from the office and face the court and no pressure excert on the court from any side. But what the rulers of Pakistan are doing. Do they rightly claim to be democratic minded?