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Monday, June 21, 2010

Gas Pipeline from Iran to Pakistan

Previously two countries, Pakistan and India had to sign agreement for gas pipe line from Iran via Pakistan to India. But, India excluded itself from the agreement pretending to be high rates of gas, while actually USA would have already told India that Security Council will approve sanctions on Iran , and India must not sign agreement. But , after all when Pakistan and Iran have signed for the gas pipeline on which the work was about to start, Richard Halbrooke has warned Pakistan not to take quick action and be careful and wait in implementing the agreement. USA , though claims to be a partner of Pakistan on curbing terrorism, but it leaves no chance to harm and damage Pakistan's image. Pakistan will be in hot water if she acts on the agreement will be warned by USA to stop the work if it does not take action then still will be in trouble because its most important issue is the shortage of electricity and people are in great trouble. The impression of so called democratic government will also be negative.

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