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Sunday, June 27, 2010

USA Deserves to be Super Power

The President of the USA has removed General Mc Crystal engaged in heading the NATO forces in Afghan war. Though the views general expressed are not only hid thinking but views of all the army indulge in war against Taliban. Because this useless war will never end and the loss of USA army personnel will increase day by day and the result will be be expulsion of forces from Afghanistan like USSR did. The decision of removing the general from active service is a bold step that can nor be practiced by other countries. In Pakistan specially can President or Pm do so. Once Nawaz Sharid practiced this and suffered a lot. Army in Pakistan is blamed to capture the power of civil government but civil government would never look at her deeds when they are overthrown. Corruption is the main cause of revolutions like this in Pakistan.Those politicians who are not in power invite military to take over. So military dictatorship is the result of misdeeds of the civil governments . Military has to save and rescue the country this is its mandate. As their serve the nation in any calamity so they do in mis governace of the government.If civil government uproots the corruption in higher ups then army will never come to rule. CAN THEY DO?

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