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Friday, June 25, 2010

Amn Ki Asha

Every Nation in the world and every person on earth wants peace in the world , so that all the resources in the soil can be put to work for well -being of humanity. Same is true of the people of Pakistan to remain in peace having no frights between Pakistan and India. But some people in Pakistan are so eager that they want peace on the sacrifice of Kashmir cause and to agree on the terms of India. While India wants no wart only trade between the two states and exchange of cultural exchange like exchange of actors, singers and to capture and dominate the Islamic culture of Muslims. Some people are so eager that they want peace on any cost so that they can freely go to India. India denies any talks regarding kashmir and continues killings of Innocent kashmiris. Our leaders are sailfish that they know India is cheating and resumes basic talks that were left years b4 due to minor excuse. Knowing that Pakistan will be happy after 10 years to resume talks from the point left years back. Our leaders are deceiving own people while India is working in the benefit of her own. What a contrast?

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