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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Has Any Government Like This Right to Rule?

Since the present Government of Pakistan has started ruling the country, the poor of the "Richest" state have become the poorest while, the rulers have become the richest persons by occupying all the resources that belong to the pours. Every day one family along with innocent kids are going to commit suicide due to poverty and hunger. But rulers do not care. Because they have no time except collecting the money rather snatching the money and depositing in foreign banks and leaving the public on the mercy of World bank and IMF. Because after expiry of the term of the government they do not have to live in poor country that would have nothing then. The rich PM his cabinet members and Pm's ad visors have spent during the last fiscal year Rupees 5.85 billion on foreign tours , entertaining the foreign delegates and their personal guests out of the national exchequer. Prime Minister has spent 1.12 billion rupees on foreign tours,while on the entertainment of the guests and other expenditures has spent 0.41 million rupees daily. Similarly, Federal ministers under the TA DA head have spent 2.52 B rupees and the daily average expenditure amounts to .1 M.While PM spends million of rupees daily, on the other hand every Pakistani citizen spends Rs. 160 daily and usually each family consists of 3-6 members. In other words every minister of Pm's of so-called "democratic government" is spending .1 to 1.5 M daily. AND PEOPLE ARE DYING OF HUNGER . Is there any Wonderful government like this In the World?

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