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Friday, October 7, 2016

Radhika Apte's Film Parched Gained More Attention Due To Some Intimate Scenes (Video)

Radhika Atte's film Parched, a film about female friendships and exploration of one's body garnered more attention because of a few intimate scenes than its theme. When a reporter asked Radhika, "Is it necessary to have bold scenes and be controversial to become successful?" She replied, I am an atit, if I am required to do certain job, I will do it. If you get out of you cocoon and look at world cinema and what people are successfully doing, you will probably not ask this question.
" People ashamed of their own bodies have curiosity about others' bodies. If you want to see a naked body tomorrow, you can see yourself in the mirror rather than my clip and then we can talk about this."

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