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Monday, July 25, 2016

Qaim Ali Shah To Be Substituted By Murad Ali Shah As Chief Minister Sindh

It is nowhere in the world is seen that governments are run by remote control while the leaders are sitting in London and Dubai and are deciding the fate of the people. As Nawaz Sharif issued orders from London for 45 days and Zardai issues orders from Dubai. Now PPP has decide to make significant changes in Sindh cabinet including bringing a new chief minister. The decision was taken when senior leadership of PPP met with senior Zardari and junior Zardari in Dubai. It was decided to nominate Murad Ali Shah as new chief minister of Sindh. According to sour Sharmeela Farooqi and interior minister Suhail Anwar Siyal will not make it to th new cabinet. Names of Nisar Khuro and Agha Siaj Durrani are considered for the slot of interior minister. Dr Sikandr Mandhro is expected to take the responsibilities of speaker Sindh Assembly.

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