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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Game Of Asia

It is two months ago that India warship NIS Arvitas went to Vietnam on a good will visit. After a week when it was returning back to India through the Southern China Sea, its captain received a message on open radio, "get lost from here. this sea is not yours". The first suspect was China that this threat would have been given by it but China denied. However, this was a hot news in the media for a few days.
This event indicates that though India and China are posing themselves to be friends but confrontation is on the rise internally. This confrontation has been named as new Asian great game by the experts. The first Asian great game was played between Russia and Britain.
Question is that what the Indians were doing in a sensitive region in southern china ocean. Experts say that China is tightening its circle around India through making sea ports from Burma to Pakistan that are equipped with most latest facilities. This strategy of China has been termed as "string of pearls". The seaports include, Gwadar (Pakistan), Chittagong (Bangladesh), Satwi (Burma), Lamo(Kenya) and Humba Latona(Srilanka). all these seaports are situated in Indian Ocean.
It is interesting too that some of the ports are out of the military or trade way routes of China neither have extra ordinary financial benefits, then why these have been built.? The experts say that it is the military strategy of China because now a day land war has become a complicated problem when both the confronting nations are equipped with latest and atomic weapons and war can destrot both the countries.. But , in waters there are no such hindrances that can stop war between the two confronting counties.

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