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Monday, July 19, 2010

Threats by Hillary to Pakistan

All the Americans whether they are of a status of Grade 22 officer of Pakistan, orders to Pakistan to kill its people. Because they are not satisfied with the killings of Drone attacks and America's thirst is not quenched by killing 100 or more Pakistanis. The slaves here in Pakistan say yes sir to America's orders. Hillary has been threatening Pakistan since long and now she repeated her threat. Any attack from Pakistan on America will be strictly dealt with. Whether attack is from Taliban or any other Pakistan will be blamed. This is just obeyiong the orders of America. No Pakistani VIP is injured only the "creepers" or pakistani poors are killed and many get widowed , orphans and so on. But our rulers do not care for public they do care for themselves.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pak-India Dialogue

Failure of Pak India dailogue on ministerial level faileed and this result is not unexpected, But our rulers are befoled every time.When India start killings of innocent Kashmiris , to divert the attention of the world initiates talks between the two states. Their secretary level or ministerial level talks always pleases those who love India. Tey want to forget Kashmir, and start friendship, exchange of so called cultural delegations, trade n roads to open to get them enter into India. India deceives Pakistan , every time orders to do more to curb terrorism, and our rulkers confesses every time that terrorists from pakistan is extended in india's borders. When our politicians will come in to senses. They damaging the image of Pakistan. What the hell they are doing for our beloved country.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fake Degrees of some MPA'S and MNA"S

It is learnt that HEC is being pressurized to delay the verifications of degrees at least for a year or so and it is expected that people may forget about these degrees due to price hike, high prices per unit of gas and electricity. Parliametarians do not care what the out side world is thinking about these fake degree holders.Now the foreign diplomates are taking interest in this matter asnd are collecting information secretely about these degrees and this fact can not be hidden from the people outside.What impression this "Democratic govenment" is building for the world. On the other hand NRO cases are being withdrawn against the NRO beneficaries. Is this called democracy , if so no democracy like this is found in the world.